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Stuff u get when your a carer - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Stuff u get when your a carer

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
He he, I get the feeling that this has strayed somewhat from what the op had in mind... just a shame I can't wave a magic wand and make our lives somewhat easier.
we go all over the shop on these threads,but,crumbs,aint it interesting?.
It sure is Image I bet a new member reading these for the first time would think we are all mad!!! I'll tell them that it's a result of caring for all these years on my own Image
the worrying thing for me , is, after eight months reading the forum sanity seems to be evolving
in this topic with no disagreements except im surpried no one has mentioned the carers wage ,53pounds if you care for over 25 hours for anyone per week
a rare,almost disturbing outbreak of full agreement,quite frightening really.cannot last,but enjoyable now.

the theme reminds me of the song:"What do get when you fall in love......?",What do or dont you get as a Carer?.
im getting a flu jab lol!
wot else do we get?

if we r lucky we get a supportive OT or physio (and then they get unsupportive managers)
some times we get lucky and the council put bars in the bath room and by the front door and if u r mega lucky they put a ramp in for u- we r not that lucky lol

we get a sence of achievement when the person we care for does someting really pushing their boundries

some one must have smaked with a postive thinking stick!
Oh Pixie,you should sprinkle your wisdom on every thread.Yes you put it so well.Gosh,I think you are very in-tune.yes you have,so very well,encompassed how I myself feel,but you,in splendid words,have expressed it better than I could.
i think its because amy walked all the way to school- its 2.2 miles, she normally mabe does the .22! it took us nearly 2 hours, we stopped alot (and drank our tea fromt he flask) but she said- i wont be introducing myself to the buggy board today, i want to do this today
she aches an awful lot now, shes flat out in bed by half 6 (we get in at 5!) but she is so incredibly happy, she said she wants to do it each month and then every week
its her aim
tomoz though we will be there in about 35 mins as she will b on the buggy board!
I know it's harder work doing the whole walk with Amy but I bet you're really proud of her.

Smart kid. And pretty grown up for such a young 'un.
Hi pixie.
I don't know Amy's story but she sounds like an amazing young lady.
best wishes