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Stuff u get when your a carer - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Stuff u get when your a carer

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This is a very agreeable thread indeed.We All,for once,AGREE.Everyone is of one mind on this.We seem to agree that theres not a lot of goodies for carers.

Or,maybe you dont agree?.
As a carer for over 20 years i got hardly anything, and what i did get i had to fight and fight for,

You can have a carers assessment done via Social services and you may get something from that, but dont hold your breath, But push and push and you may just get something,

Carers get sod all,and treated like idiots into the bargain.In a nutshell.

But,Julie,lovelly photo .The Dog is majestic,as is the lady,who I assume is your good self.
me ....grey hair comming thick n fast ....and indegestion when im really stressed
Snap! Sorry the social scrounger label the press like to give everyone on benefits is all a lie where Carers are concerned! Image Image
You fight the system for everything and get very little if anything at all - there's more support online from places like here than anything else really!

marie x
getting absent-minded,grumpy,tutt-tutting,all that,short-temper,all that stuff comes for free.
Hell yeah! You're right - there's plenty 'o that! Image
yep,lots of em.telling you with those famous words:"if I were you,Maxi old son,Id...."oh yer?.Carers get lots of advice.
Don't forget "Can't help you with this, this or this" so you have to look into things deeper and find out that it is indeed their responsibility after all Image
I think mention your a "Carer" and several thoughts rush through the mind of the one your telling.

!. "Scrounger".

2. "Oh a Weirdo".

3. "Sad",

4. "Your doing a great job".

Many others Ive not listed or recalled.

But you get EXCLUDED from social events.

Social life shrinks.
when im talking to some one and they say - wot do u do then
i reply i care fo my daughter
in my head i say now que head on side sympathetic look and change of conversation and the ooo look at the time must dash! lol
i know people who will be a friend are the ones that say- i care for ...... or do u? u got time for a cuppa?