Stuff u get when your a carer

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hell im a carer for my mother i was just asking what stuff do you get if your a carer because i was told you can get holidays , driving lessons and ovther stuff i just wanted to no if it was true?
Hello Eliza - nope, it's not the general rule. In fact, Carers get nothing much at the end of the day.
There have been cases where people do get a grant for certain things - it very much depends on where you live, etc...
To be in with a chance, I suggest that you have a Carers Assessment done Image
it used to be if u looked after a child u got alot of help, the rowntree trust got me a tumble dryer (didnt have one) and they also gave me £100 towards a holiday, pontins cambersands for £80 and £20 to get there i think was money well spent!

now though i think alot of it has been scrapped
u do however as a carer get
worried sick
a taste for cardies with useful pockets
and find velcro is just amazing for so many things!

on the plus side u know each night u r doing something good for some one and u learn more about your capabilities than u ever thought possible
Great if you can get these things,but I doubt it.You get zero I find.
All I get is JUNK MAIL . Image
me ....grey hair comming thick n fast Image ....and indegestion when im really stressed Image Image
yep,i know that one.
Sleepless nights........less money.......little social life or very little if your lucky.......bald heads through pulling your hair out......and a pittance of carers pay from the goverment but in saying that we do it out of love and devotion.
me ....grey hair comming thick n fast Image ....and indegestion when im really stressed Image Image
I'm at that point Mand. Image
ooo i do it coz i LOVE cleaning out huge amy logs from a commode bucket- gives me a great sence of satisfaction to wip out the bleach and scrub it each morning

god we sound like a right misserable lot lol

the long and short is
we get not alot
we love an awful lot