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Did anyone notice

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National awareness of mental health issues awareness this week?

We all have Mental Health issues ....good bad or indifferent.
Is the message making any impact?
To be honest, I don't think I did notice! I did catch some of the 10 o 'clock news last night about the grim report about how 'insufficient' care was in the UK, and how we need a lot more provision, and for those in care homes and recieivng care packages at home, the councils are not putting enough money forward, so large number of care homes say they can't manage on what the council pays per perso, and so are pulling out of council-funded places.....

But no, I didn't spot anything about mental health awareness.

By the way, I take HUGE exception to your saying we ALL have MH issues - me and all my alter egos are outraged!!! :)

(I'm not really laughing - it's a dreadful situation, and afflicts so, so many in the country, including within my own family.)
I definitely did notice national awareness of mental health week was on.

In my place of work, at a college, there were different stands and activities going on all week.
Different professional people were there to ask questions also and leaflets available.

On TV I watched a programme about sports people talking about the MH problems that they had suffered from.
I've been following Mark Nearys 7 days of action about autistic people being detained in secure units for years. I think its all part of it.
Thanks for replies. Pleased to hear the message(s) are beginning to get out.
I am far from a Royalist but I do applaud the royal family involvement on this.
There is a need for information and a way to dispel prejudice and fear.