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Man on the Edge of a Canal. - Carers UK Forum

Man on the Edge of a Canal.

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My adult son has severe autism.The current assessment,with wich I disagree is that when he's out of the unit,he must be accompanied by two adults.This means that he's confined to the unit two or three days a week.
We're only allowed outside contact two hours a week bowling or walking round the local precinct.On these occasions,there are three adults with him.(I don't count.

I was told yesterday that they are 'experimenting' with just one adult-and that Eliot was taken for a walk along a local canal towpath.
The carer involved is diabetic but still enjoys walking along canal towpaths as a hobby.

I'm afraid for my son.The council are holding him under a Court Order.Neither the social-worker nor my city councillor will answer my emails.

Please advise me.
I reckon that the only way to challenge a Court Order is through the Courts.
I'll offer my heartfelt sympathy, but you need a good solicitor.
I feel as though for my son's safety,I have to call the Adult Protection Team,but when I did that under Children's Services-when Owen was running away from my wife to get back home to me-I got taken to court and was reprimanded.A councillor at the time said "Eeee.If Owen's hit by a car,they'll (i.e. social services) be in so much trouble!".
Not sure if this is any help, but here goes. I can well understand your fear that with only one 'guardian' on the walks, and walking in a potentially dangerous place, ie, canal side, you would prefer there to be two 'guardians' for your son. Although I assume (??) you would not be 'allowed' (!) to follow at a distance (??), I'm wondering whether you could ask a friend to do so perhaps on your behalf? Then at least there would be a 'second eye' on your son 'just in case'.

It's all such a very sad, sad situation.
Thanks for the reply Jenny.
Eliot was taken for a walk on Sunday.Owen's with me from 10 to 3,Eliot from 3 to 8.(We're only allowed to be together as a family for two hours once a month.I sometimes get a bit envious of refugees).
Owen and Eliot are held on their own in a two-man bungalow.The bungalow supports-financially-an over-manager and two subordinate managers.All three are very,very careful when we go to the local shopping precinct that Eliot not be given a chance to dash towards a road,for safety reasons.They seem to work on something which isn't logic.I was told about the jaunt along the towpath as though it was no big deal.It seems that they're trying to establish if Eliot is safe in various environments with just one carer.Obviously,if he falls in,he wasn't.
This might sound a bit bonkers, but here goes! Could the carers agree for your son to wear a buoyancy aid (basic lifejacket) during his canal side walks - 'just in case'? They are not much thicker than a bit thick quilted waistcoat, so its not totally out of the question to wear one (sailors etc have them on all the time in dinghies -or they should!). It will give your son precious time to be hauled out, if he does fall in, and of course, since canal water is so dirty, there is very little visibility under water, which makes them particularly dangerous for anyone falling in.
Jenny,I was actually quite pleased with myself for thinking of that one myself last night! The carer is keen on canals and want Eliot and Owen,with myself,to go on an all-day cruise.Somehow the two-hours-a-month rule can be overlooked.
Generally,I have no right whatsoever to have any answers-they've taken perhaps two years to get two quotes before they get Eliot a laptop.I'm not allowed to show 'a lack of deference' by asking "Why".I tried again yesterday and the carer backed off and withdrew to her car.
I really am worried about Eliot's safety,but can't get Lagal Aid so have no solicitor.How social-services must laugh at us in private!
Hi John,

it shouldn't be about what the care worker wants to do!

It should be about what your sons would like to do! They could choose from pictures/ photos if they can't speak.

Admittedly to make an informed decision they would have to have visited a place once to be able to say if they'd like to go again.

Going to a new place e.g first walk along the canal is the biggest risk as no one knows how the young men will react. I'm presuming the outing was properly risk assessed beforehand?!

I live on a fairly busy street-there's an ambulance station at the corner.Tonight,as usual,after contact,Eliot stepped into the road to go around a bus-stop.As usual,I was alone with him since the 'girls' wait in the car,radio and heater on,mobile phone busy.And yet,as I say,the protocol is that he must have two carers with him when shopping in the precinct...
I really don't have any experience of anywhere but Stoke-on-Trent.Is this strange logic-substitute normal?

Elio's still being confined to the bungalow two or three days a week,since even if a one-to-one policy is introduced,the 'girls' can't take him to the toilet.Oddly,most of the staff are female and help Eliot wipe his bum.Would this be acceptable were the sexes reversed?
Does he have a radar key? If not you can apply for one online. Then he can use the disabled toilet and if necessary be accompanied by a care worker of either sex.