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winter time.

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putting my clock back one hour,heralding winter really only gets me miffed.winter is the pits,or is it?.Over to you....
I expect I will be in the minority but I love winter! This is because I have lived most of my adult life in Africa, first Kenya and then South Africa, with a great deal of sunshine. The changing seasons are a constant delight now that we are permanently in the UK, although last year slippery pavements and the fact I couldn't get the car on the road for ten days because of snow wasn't much fun.
I dont like winter, I love Spring and Autumn though. Last winter was a killer with the roads etc I dont think Sars went to school for 5 weeks with having 3 weeks off not being able to get to school and then the 2 weeks xmas holidays, tey say its going to be worse this year and living on a steep hill isnt funny in the snow and ice
We live at the top of a hill, too Nilla. It was very difficult last year, as Katie was four months pregnant, and had to walk down our hill, and up the next very steep one to get to work. A couple of times she didn't go, as it was just too bad,and once or twice, her employer was able to pick her up.But we have a horrible corner coming into our street,you have to double back on yourself and then be ready immediately to turn the opposite way again(and the corner itself is downhill).Two cars last year smashed into a house on the corner,and had to be towed away. The Council didn't put grit down, although ours is one of the busiest streets in the town.
I love Autumn and Winter,even with all the difficulties with the weather.
Don't like winter - dark and grey Image

Do like Autumn - all the lovely colours Image

but Spring has to be my favourite - with it all it's harbingers of new life and new beginnings Image
My hubby likes the winter for the food Image . Last week made my 1st pan of soup for this winter and yesterday was panackelty.
At the bottom of our hill is a big field with ponys in, there is a metal fence around it and last year I lost count of the cars that slid down the hill and into the railings, every day there wer a few crashes, also people skidded on the hill crashing into parked cars here so I parked mine elsewhere
spring and autumn for me everytime Image

hate the heat, don't enjoy cold mornings or lack of daylight Image
I love Autumn and Winter for so many different reasons. I love to see the leaves change colour and fall, I love Hallowe'en and Fireworks and the excitement of xmas. I do like snow but won't go out in it, it makes everywhere looks so pretty, although I know it causes mayhem and danger on the roads.

I do like spring with all the new growth and pretty flowers and the milder weather, but have to admit I don't typically like British suummers with its muggyness and humidity. This summer was lovely though.

I think all seasons have something to offer. Image
yesterday was panackelty.[/quote]

Yes Panackelty for me too.

I don't care what time of year it is as long as i am still breathing.