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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Do know what to say in that we have Carers uk and what they do us to campaign and all the rest but day in day out nothing changes but we are been screwed left right and centre out of every penny we have.

I am £20 behind in tv licence have had 8 phonecalls and numerous texts and a call and text just now at 9pm who the hell do they think they are. They do not give tosses about me and been a penniless skint carer.

I say this that what ever legislation as sheit as it may be throws at us the can of worms EXPLODING LIKE A BOMB or beans will not go away and this country as we know will just go to hell. They will never do anything for us even with CARERS UK help just fobb them of with cheap sheity talk saying nothing and talking trash.

I am angry and hate it all that we have to fight really dirty and nasty but they does do not give a shit about me and all of us on this forum. I have and never will finish my rant and have decided not to use capitols letters to show l am shouting but just really so angry that nothing is been done to help us all kenneth 2 now fife
I suppose you could always dump the mobile and landline and use a phone box if you need to save money Kenneth2. I lived for seven years without either of them. And when my computer failed and the landline went down two years ago, the free internet access at my local library was great, got me out of the house too. I mean, every cloud has a silver lining, doesnt it?
Thanks about the capitals, by the way, and hope you get it all sorted soon.
I understand your despair Kenneth,

Have a good old rant it will do you the world of good and believe it or not you are helping other carers by making them aware of what the future holds for them if their caring role ever comes to an end...

To Excalibur,
Your comment is very practical and carers should take heed of it. However, no man or women should be complacent of the fact that bad times can befall upon them at anytime.
before many many times here.ive made similar points.have a moan chum,i do.
To loose mobile or landline all to which l have fought for a deal on all and the subject of having power of attorney for mum`s ongoing medical and financial needs is the reason for both.

I will never stop what l call fight for mum and myself and if it helps others see the dispair we are all going through some carers seem to be more fortunate than others, i have lost my 2 bedroom wee flat in dundee which l owned for 12 years but sadly due to not luxury debt but just surviving had to sell otherwise would have been bankrupt by now.

That is the crux of it fulltime unapid carers are more likely to loose all savings homes and self esteem and put into degrading lifestyle of poverty or borrowings if you can get it.

As i said the dwp dont give a toss so do ministers and goverment.

kenneth2 now fife
ps btw all mums savings what mum has left is in the current home and because of the cut backs the dwp have made is now forceced to sell the as mum can no longer live alone. mum is now moiving in with me.