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New card to help carers - Scarborough - Carers UK Forum

New card to help carers - Scarborough

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SCARBOROUGH people could benefit from a new scheme to provide carers in an emergency which has been launched by North Yorkshire County Council.

Help carers ....do you mean it offers cut price booze at the off-license?
How long before they are then used for carers to return to work ? the idea been the council phone your employer and say you are needed at home.

Does the government think carers are daft? , they must do.
Did I read this correctly? The local authority doesn't provide the emergency care, the card gives details of family, friends, etc. who can be called upon in an emergency. What happens to people like me who have no-one they can call on? Surely the provision of an emergency scheme should include a commitment by the LA to provide respite otherwise it's virtually worthless to many carers.
The guidance from the government basically points out that wherever possible families should help out at least in the short term.

Obviously any emergency depends on the circumstances and where family cannot help then the alternative is for social services to sort it out - the important thing though is to get an emergency plan put together with social services as a part of a carers assessment - this is also part of the government guidance - but you have to ask for it yourself... Image
That's fine, Charles, but you have to: a) persuade social services that you're entitled to a carers assessment and b) get them to acknowledge that you are in fact a carer, the fact that the NHS and DWP recognise that you are doesn't guarantee that a cash-strapped LA is willing to. Which leaves people like me, and I know others in the same situation, with no emergency plan let alone cover. This is the problem with the current legislation, you have a statutory right to a carers assessment but some LAs try to wriggle their way out of providing one and there's no statutory requirement for the LA to provide services even in an emergency, it's a mess, a very worrying mess.
I agree - but the important thing is to ask - if you are refused, then it's time to point out to your MP/CUK the difference between policy and practice so that we can make things change.
Oh, I asked, Charles, first they tried to refuse a carers assessment and then, when I insisted and got the assessment, actually it wasn't so much a carers assessment as a non-assessment and an exercise in saying that they didn't provide services that I knew they did Image, I was refused any help. According to my records I "see" myself as the sole/only carer which is hardly surprising because, unless there are some invisible carers helping me that we're not aware of, that's exactly was and, six years later, still am.

We shouldn't have to fight for what is a statutory right and there should be clearly set out eligibility criteria with a statutory right to services if we meet them, it shouldn't be left to the whim of the LA or individual social workers. Isn't this the fate of too many carers and the people they care for from access to benefits to access to social and health care? Ultimately you have to decide what's worth fighting for and what isn't, which fight is likely to bear fruit and which isn't, trying to get help as a carer was a battle I wasn't going to win and the cost of fighting was too great, at the time the consultant thought my husband had a tumour, I wanted to spend time with him, not fighting the LA.
I completely agree - and it's quite clear that this is still going on for too many people.

But do ask them again - if nothing else because of the emergency planning side of things.