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Lambeth - The fight goes on - Carers UK Forum

Lambeth - The fight goes on

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Lambeth Council is proposing to cut services to older people, those with disabilities, learning disabilities or mental illness, and their carers.

Lambeth Council backs down from the proposed change to its 'Eligibility Criteria thanks to YOUR protests. 700 people will now not have vital support withdrawn.

Lambeth Council is going ahead with a massive increase to charges for support services from 1st September. This means that people may not be able to afford the services they need.

Cuts of £736,000 in funding for charities and voluntary sector organisations are being implemented. This means that the organisations and services YOU depend on may have to close down.

Latest News - The fight goes on

This a follow on to the problems faced by many in Lambeth.
In Feb and July of this year, they had protests about eligibility criteria getting changed.It seems for now they have had a stay of execution .

There are so many links within this link but well worth a read.


I have to thank Clare from CUK for helping me find the up to date information on this one.
Thanks Clare

****You will note that although they backed down on the eligibility criteria that they are still increasing some charges by a whopping 132% from September and a further 14% from April 2008.

This is something that our community have been fighting for a long time, Lambeth Council is a very cruel council, they have increased all the councellors expenses though, that is something that has really annoyed lots of people, Lambeth are the worst council in the country.

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It was summer last year when some of us started being aware of the situation in Lambeth.
62 people have cancelled services and that ahead of a further 14% hike in charges due in April.

60 cancel home help due to their spiralling costs


MORE than 60 vulnerable elderly and disabled people have cancelled council home help services after a town hall hiked up care charges by more than 130 per cent.

Lambeth council figures show that 62 vulnerable people who received care services from the authority have stopped using them since the charges were increased last year.

Penny-pinching Lambeth ramped up its hourly rate for in-home care services from £7.55 per hour to £17.50 per hour in September.

It also created a £10-per-trip charge for shopping services and increased the cost of meals on wheels to £3 per meal.

Under the three-year plan, implemented in July 2007, home care charges could rise again to £20 per hour from next month.

A council impact assessment on the increases has revealed 62 elderly or disabled people have decided to no longer use the service since the increase.

The assessment reveals 20 of those people stopped using them because they could no longer afford to pay the increased charges.

The other 42 did not respond. These are in most cases vulnerable people,WHY no follow up to find reason they cancelled.

Chief executive of Age Concern Lambeth, Julia Shelly, said she was worried vulnerable people were suffering because of the care cost hikes.

She said: "It is a serious concern that vulnerable people have stopped using care services because they cannot afford to pay for them.

"There is no information in the council report about the impact this is having. The rise in charges means some people won't have access to basic care like help at home with meals and getting in and out of bed.

"It means they will have to depend on the help of family and friends and neighbours.

"The greatest worry is that there are people who are on their own who cannot afford to pay the increases that have been left without support."

A Lambeth spokeswoman said: "We currently support over 1,700 people in their homes including older people and people with physical and learning disabilities.

"We aim to keep care charges to the absolute minimum to cover costs in line with the Government's Fairer Charging Guidance.

"We stop delivering services for a number of reasons and sometimes this will be because the service user wishes to cancel their care.

"However, we always undertake a full review to assess the reasons why and to see how we could improve our service."

Must admit have not read everything but to me this will hit those on their own who need the most help some elderly may have carers who can still help out but its obvious if you put prices up the elderly/ disabled will just not use the services on offer .

its a disgrace and this kind of treatment will soon be widespread remember when the rumour was of stop carers allowance stop A.A. stop D.L.A. give the cash to the councils and let them spend it what a joke.

last night in parliament they talked at length about the proms and brass bands and yet just a few miles from M.P`S doss house many old and infirm cant make ends meat the whole system is a farce .

Four councils with 'critical' eligibility criteria

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