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I am going out but will read it again in depth later.

iam going out also but not with ROSEMARY

see you monday night
had to look at it

GORDON BROWN is finalising a major package to help those who GIVE up work to care for disabled relatives ( nearly said elderly ) with bathing, dressing, shopping & cooking and other aspects of personnel care
now dont get me wrong but dont we have this package already i think its called the carers allowance i gave up work in 1997 to care for both parents and they rewarded me with the carers allowance but had to prove that i worked 35 hours per week as a carer.

is he finalising the review report ? why dont carers uk ask iam concerned that the review is being hijacked by government ministers

how can HARRIET HARMAN be ready to unveil plans for the care of elderly when review has not as far as i know reported .

why does HARRIET HARMAN talk about the "working daughter" is she sexist 40% of carers are male

iam back again if your caree has a fall government will give you 5 days leave but thats when you are needed as a carer when STAN was in hospital he was confused and had it not been for me going in 3 times a day he would not have even been fed now hang on that part of his care may have been social care not health care so cant blame the n.h.s. or can i

also couples will be able to move into care home/ rest home together and will not be split up good news but what if they own a rather nice posh house and have no relatives or have over £20-000 in bank who pay one may be health needs other could be social needs we will then have local authority and n.h.s. fighting each other .
was this in the review no its from think tank
iam sick of them all educated idiots
now the good news

they are to look at salaries for full time carers looking after elderly disabled relatives ive used the words elderly disabled as that is what government have used.

also they will look at an increase in carers alowance

plus leave from caring duties

and last of all the £90 per week wage before you lose the allowance may be scrapped (but will carers now working full time be able to claim allowance )

good news well maybe

From Harman's speech:
But as people have been saying at this conference - and as Joyce Nicol from Edinburgh South said to me yesterday. Our society is not just multicultural - its multigenerational too.

For most families out there its granny as well as mum who's looking after the kids.

For many families out there, mum is looking after granny as well as looking after the kids.

Most people, as they grow older, don't live with their relatives, don't live in sheltered housing or residential care - but do need support.

We will ensure that we have the best services to support people as they grow older. Vital health services, local council services and from the voluntary sector.

And we know that what matters to older people almost more than anything is the care and support of their family.

And just as we are backing up families bringing up children, we will to back up families who are caring for elderly relatives.
For families who need respite care,
For people who want to care for older relatives without having to give up their job,
For people who want to change their hours to fit in with care of an older relative.
And when our Carers Commission reports this summer - we will offer new entitlements to Britain's 6 million family carers.
We have listened and we will act.
We weren't afraid of being called the nanny state.

And we won't be afraid of being called the granny state. ... conference

There seems to be a presumption that carers of older people are caring for parents, those of us who care for older spouses don't seem entered their consciousness.