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The distinction between health care and social care is interesting when you come to consider that both are the responsibility of the same government department...
I agree, Charles, and the need to have your personal care needs met due to illness or disability is surely a health need, i.e. if you didn't have the disease or disability you would be able to carry out these tasks for yourself. It's only since the NHS and Community Care Act of the early 1990s that this distinction has been made, prior to that bathing, assisting with toileting, etc. was seen as a nursing function. Ask yourself who carries out these functions in the hospital setting, it's certainly not a carer sent in by the social service team with the cost then charged to the patient.
Ssssh, parsifal

Don't give them ideas!
I would just like to point out that enteral feeding is not always considered to be a health need. I have been left to maintain the feed tubes and adapters, and have even been shown how to change the tube -so I am left to get on with it.

The NHS is only interested in maintaining the ridiculously high level of management and the more they push patients out into social care, the easier that is.
I've come across this sort of thing, Ken. Sort of makes me wonder why doctors and nurses don't work for social services!
I think that is terrible Ken, nurses should do that sort of thing.