Stepfather has Alzheimers?

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Hello. As mentioned before I look after my mum who had a stroke. My stepfather, who is mobile, but has copd, stomach colitis, amongst other things, I'm certain he's in the early stages of Alzheimer. How can I get his gp to do tests or whatever needs to be done? He swears he's ok, but clearly not. He never knows why day it is.time of day, whether i've served him lunch etc. He's not a danger to himself or to my mum when I need to go out, but in the future? Not sure how to progress. Thank you
perhaps you could do what others have done and write a letter to your stepfather's GP re your concerns and ask him to invite him in for a general health check, during which he could include a memory test?

Thank you Melly1, i'll do that.