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standing up for harvey

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Has any body else watched 'standing up for Harvey' ? I've got to say Katie Price has surprised me, for once she's seems ok. I have to congratulate her for creating a program for highlighting disability, parent caring and the stupidity of Frankie Boyle.

What do you think ?
I think Katie Price has done an awful lot of caring for her eldest son and does an awful lot of un-publicised charity work too. She's not all glamour and fake stuff, at the end of the day, she's a mum to a disabled child and has to cope with all that goes with it. Good luck to her.
I would have liked to have watched this but i dont have Sky. Cant afford it.
Hi, I'm not at all knowledgeable about celebrities so I had to google to find out about Katie's situation. I don't have sky either. Good for her.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... -slur.html

I don't usually watch kate price and her hubbies/ex hubbies things I only really know the name from the news, I don't have time for self centered celebs. I saw an ad for this so recorded it and watched it, and saw her for the warm human being she is. I think what made me think that was the way she said ...yes she has the money she could put him in a great home and visit him at the weekends..she chose not to. Now he does have a nannie and lots of help from extended families but you can tell she still puts the work in for him as a mum by the way he responds to her, he doesn't have the mentallity to make that up to make his mum look good for the camera. But also the way she responds to him in good times bad times and worrying times. She takes a lead role in his health and being rich she could pass it of for her nanny to do or her mum even. Throughout the whole program I saw I saw a mum with a disabled child, not an attention seeking pampered brainless model.

I also felt like adopting Harvey! Image Image
I like her. There's more to her than people give her credit for.
You dont end up with several million pounds in the bank without having your wits about you. She's earned every penny (not given it in divorce settlement) She's a very shrewd businesswoman and very smart. She's far from the silly bimbo she portays. I think that woman has a steely determination towards anything she sets her mind to, and doesnt give up easly.

Excellent qualitities for a carer for sure.
Boyle despite being funny on mock the week is clearly a disability hater see the link below.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/ ... s-syndrome

Perhaps we should picket his shows I have tried to get to his website but it does not load if I do get on it I'll leave my own comments on ex care home workers who lack the wit to stop themselves taking cheapshots at those incabable of defense.
One comedian on the program said it was his comic style to shock with the inference that it was therefore ok to do so at any expence...uumm no, it is not.
I'm sorry I missed this prog too. I don't watch much TV this time of year so don't even look to see what's on.

I have always admired KP for the way she cares for her son and is proud of him. Even with a nanny (who doesn't live in) he must require an enormous amount of care. I've read articles about her and Harvey in the past and you can just see that the love between them is totally genuine.

Don't forget she also has two younger children and that must be very hard too because they all have to work around Harvey's needs I guess.

I admire Katie and I despise that awful Boyle chap. Who the hell does he think he is?