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stairlift advice

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hi there we are in the process of getting mum a stairlirt and we have no idea where to start , we have been sent a note from district nurse giving us ideas on prices ect but they all seam pretty highly priced with a weekly charge of anything from 10 pound to 60 pound per week , ive found one on the net for about a thousand pound fitted http://www.easylifeuk.com/straight-stai ... p-730.html
any advice would be great as mum needs one as soon as possible
Andy, you might be better and cheaper getting social services to fit you one - that way you don't have to fork out for it or any future repairs it will need.
The problem with getting social services to fit a stairlift is that it will be done through a DFG assuming that your mother meets the financial criteria and these can take months or, here, a year, an alternative means of funding it is through a charitable grant which would be faster but can still take some weeks.

I assume that you have straight stairs which makes life easier, stairlifts for curved stairs have to be made to match the stairs, but I personally would go for a stairlift where the survey is done by a professional, we are having a Stannah stairlift installed on Wednesday and the survey identified a possible problem with the bulkhead on the stairs, a radiator which needs to be moved a few centimetres plus the chair is manufactured to my husband's height, handedness, etc. and has a number of saftey features and a rapid call out if anything goes wrong, not the cheapest option by any means but one I felt was the best one in our circumstances.
Hi Andy, further to the advice already given...

contact your social services. We did and were given an appraisal by an Occupational Therapist. She said that my wife was certainly eligible for one and they would approve it. A turn at the top of the stairs would make it more expensive than a straight up and down, but these costs would be met.

We were advised that it could take at least 6 months for one to get installed, so start proceeding as soon as possible.
we have a stannah fitted by social work for garry it took 18months from start to getting it installed.