What were your Mum's Favorite saying's or still are.

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My Mum's favorite to me when I was out playing a bit rough at times was Don't come running to me if you break your leg.
I only wish Mum was still here to be able to say it to me again I would give Anything just for that.
Aww John that post really touched me.. What a lovely idea for a thread...Thank You!

Just of the top of my head..."Now we can't cry over spilled milk"

Take care
M x
Mum's best one is 'it'll all come out in the wash' - I know it sounds like an advert for Vanish Image

Paula xx
One of my Mum's was .....

"Nobody likes a show-off Matthew" Image
one of my mums is tail the truth & shame the devil
Mine used to say ...

Our Rosemary,if the wind changes your face will stay that way "

Unfortunately for me....it did... Image Image Image


"If you eat too much sugar you will get worms " Image Image
Mine stills says "Ratbag."

I was 3 before I realised I had another name! Image Image
My mammy always says: Don't fall it gets you down!

and my grannie used to say 'don't sit on thone cauld steps yeel git piles the morn!

"It'll end in tears" when we were boisterous kids - always a favourite and she was usually right!
"Dont push your luck" when we were naughty.
Odd sayings too, e.g. "Knife to the floor, stranger at the door!" and she always saluted a single magpie accompanied by loudly saying "Morning Mr Magpie, hows your wife today?" I've inherited this ridiculous superstition much to my boyfriend's amusement Image
'There'll be tears before bedtime' was another one used if we were running around, laughing and hyper!
Maybe there's some truth to that one? Image Image