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Spattered fat

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Thanks, Stacey and all.
Tracey, trouble with slate is whatever gets dropped - breaks!! Also, I inherited my tiles when I bought the house and some were not cemented as well as they should have been - and these have cracked when something has been dropped. Also very cold if you are in bare feet!

Fran - put scrubbing the tiles on the PA's job description!!!

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image You must be joking, Mel, it's all they can do to open the blinds properly or open their own curtains in their rooms, let alone help me do that!

We inherited our kitchen floor as well, but a lot of the tiles, also, had to be chiselled up and re-laid properly. But there again, having a 'threatening' floor, makes everyone a little bit more careful of how they handle things, I find.
A bit like the WIAGA, they all know it's H O T , H O T, H O T, so they all take special care not to be stupid with it.
Psychological, see?
Flash all purpose is the best product I've found to date - just add 4 cap fulls to warm water and clean away, not only does it lift heavy, caked on stuff but it leaves a nice smell afterwards.

That said though, Mr Beck thinks I've gone loopy when the time comes to buy more because I stand there in the supermarket and go through all the colours smelling them to see which one I think smells best (I'll never buy the lemon one unless I absolutely HAVE to, dad used to mix up lemon rinse aid for dishwashers at work and the smell of it used to overpower his flat to the point where I can't stand the smell of it anymore) - I do the same with fabric conditioners as well Image
I use a steam mop on my laminate in the lounge and cushionfloor in kitchen and bathroom, you cant beat getting on your hands and knees and cleaning floors though as you get right to the edges.

Beck I used to try different fabric conditioners but some of the smells gave me a headache so I stick to the Fairy one now, and I used Persil Aloe Vera liquid or powder and I cant get it anywhere now!
The best thing to kill grease is white spirit or cellolose thinners. Why muck about with expensive products when these cheap ones work like a dream.
Try a corner of your tiles first, just to make sure it dosen't leave a stain and of course it smells pretty pungent in a kitchen, but once it's mopped over with a detergent, the smell will quickly go.

Joys of being a Decorator. I had to come up with many a solution for my customers.