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Spattered fat

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Silly question, but it's driving me crazy.
Our kitchen has coloured slate tiles on the floor. Fat spatters from the WIAGA and the normal cooker have covered the tiles, can't see where the spatters are on the tiles until all the normal house dust and walking to and fro, turns the spatters into black spots all over the place. Looks disgusting.
Have worn my finger nails down to the 'pink', scrubbing away at these black spots with a scouring sponge and have only managed to clean 8 of these large 30cm sq tiles.
Is there an easier way of doing this?
Am I the only one who gets down on her hands and knees, like in the 'olden days' and scrubs her (large) kitchen floor?
The mop and hot water and cleaning liquid just don't do anything, it skims over the tops.

Sorry, you'd think I'd know how to do housework at 52, wouldn't you?
Not sure about slate tiles but i use MR Muscle on our tiles,which are some sort of stone,not ceramic.I spray it on then sweep it with a rough bass brush to loosen the bits up,then finish off with the mop. Image
Ah, thanks.
I'm amazed that someone's replied to my silly question.
I want slate tiles in my kitchen..not so sure now.

am mad as i am, i very often like to get down on my hands and knees and wash all my floors with bleach wipes after iv used the mop. iv got laminate all way thr front room and dining room, then goes into the kitchen tiles floor,then out into a long hall, then the downstairs loo, then the front porch ..lol, takes ages but as i got 2 dogs i need to clean it properly..or i rope my teenager's into helping Image

Any ideas on how to keep dog hairs at bay would be great..
Hi Tracey,how about skinning the dog.To avoid being cruel you could buy it a nice,warm coat.
Hi Fran

I also get down and scrub the floors. At present I mop the kitchens and bathrooms every day at my house and caree's house. Once a week I give them all a "hands and knees scrub". The only place currently with tiles is my kitchen but I am not sure what they are.

When I lived in a rural area I had tiles in the hall, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. I must have mopped them at least 3 times a day and every day they had a "hands and knees scrub as this was a working farm. These were matt tiles and may have been slate. I used flash and as hot water as possible and that seemed to take all the stains away. (Himself had a fry up every morning) I always had another mop and pail of clean hot water to go over after the detergent. Once a month I used another product which I cant remember the name of. If the name comes to me I will let you know. I found all this a palaver but the floor was the better of it.

Little Lamb
Slate tiles are fine, I mean these have been coated with the proper 'tile sealant', so that marks and spills stay on the surface and don't penetrate the stone. The marks do come off, just such a large area to do. The vinegar thing sounds good, too.
I still have the bit round the front of the WIAGA to do, so I'm going to try several of these tips and see what happens.
Thank you all.
Fran- Try clothes , Washing Powder , and vinager , might do the trick.
Happy housework. Image
Late to post, but ... I've had slate tiles in my kitchen for fifteen years. It's a through area to the back garden for myself and my two dogs, so slate was perfect for me.

I long ago gave up trying to keep them pristine, nature did not create them that way so the question I asked myself is why am I trying to? Any marks naturally blend in with the slate, although all of my tiles even when new were mulicoloured so created by nature or created by splattered grease variations are indistinguishable.