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Wish me luck!!! - Carers UK Forum

Wish me luck!!!

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Just in case you've all been wondering where I've been, I've been busy creating a page to help people to know what to do around the deaf and hard of hearing, which you can find here (bear in mind, it's still nowhere near finished, although I welcome constructive critism) and based on the success I've had with that, I've decided to make a new one for carers... I'll share a link with you all once I get it a little more established Image
Really informative, my husband is hard of hearing so I will find it very useful Image .
Thanks, Parsifal Image
Great site, have shared it on Twitter too.

I remember when we first started to use sign language a lady told us ( depending on which hand you use )..

the right hand acts as your chalk and the left is your blackboard

There has been a lot on Twitter this week re deafness. Pictures were posted of letters/words and people had to say what they were.

My own knowledge has more or less gone now as our R cannot use it enough, he uses a picture dictionary more.

Many schools teach the BSL alphabet in schools, I would like to see them all do it. Even with that small knowledge it opens communication channels with a deaf person even if you finger spell every word. Time consuming I know but it would be a positive step.
Thank you, Rosemary.

I've been sharing it on facebook and twitter myself as much as I dare to (I don't want to be banned for spamming!!!)

I was unaware of schools now teaching BSL, but then again, it's been 16 years since I left (Man, I feel old now Image ). In my opinion, anything is better than the nothing I received. Even as a hard of hearing student in a mainstream school with Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher, this wasn't available to me.
My father in law learned finger spelling at school, and sixty years later, he could still use it: as an artilleryman he probably found it especially useful! Its best to get to the kids young, they all love signing. And its handy in all kinds of places: noisy discos, in church, in a Trappist Monastry (!) : in fact anywhere you need silent communication.

Good page by the way, lots of useful tips; keep it up!

Very informative, Summer. A good refresher and some things are new to me.

Thank you.

I did BSL level 1 at evening classes. I also started level 2, but had to give up before I took the exam as I lost my babysitter for S and couldn't find a replacement. (That was all years ago and I'm now very rusty ... if you don't use it, you lose it.)

Good luck! I'm going to have a go at teaching myself the alphabet, so wish me luck too Image
Thank you all. Good luck with learning BSL Bluebird Image I've still got loads more to add to the page. It seems I remember something new every day - and I'll be posting videos (eventually) for those who'd like to learn to sign by copying someone else so feel free to pop back often.