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What a day

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Hi All,
Today started bad and deterioated. Wife weepy all day, totally down. Then head stroke doctor calls to say that problem prescribing preferred warfarin because she has also been diagnosed with having a stomach ulcer. So needs to go for another endoscope.Just adds to the tension in the house.
Then she says I shouted at her, (I didn,t think I had) step daughter hears this and reacts. I take the pet and act like a school kid, the accusations flow between us. All nonsense and mostly lies. Step and I normally have nothing but respect for each other. Stepdaughter and I have now kissed and made up. What a day. The neighbours probably enjoyed it though.
Meadow, hope a good'ol'barney has cleared the air. Even carers and carees are human and bound to have disagreements. (We would be saints otherwise.)

Hope you have a better evening.

That counts as a Rubbish Day in my book. Just when you think nothing could be worse, some bright spark throws another hand grenade into your life!
40% of people in Sweden live alone... and other societies are heading that way. Its something we never consider with much honesty; that most people cant actually stand the company of other people for more than about ten years, after which it all goes belly up. The trouble is we are never told this: we are made to feel bad if we dont marry our teenage sweetheart, have two point four sproglets, own our own semi-detached villa in suburban paradiso, and live happily ever after. Its all social conditioning really, isnt it?
It`s the bad days that make the good days good. Image Image Image
I agree entirely, but someone seems to have the proportions wrong some times!
Humph! I cant do bugger all right today. Image