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East Anglia respite care boost

http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/news/sto ... mid=NOED14 Jan 2008 21:50:35:457

Hundreds of families caring for disabled children across East Anglia will now be able to enjoy a well-earned break as part of a £370m government initiative.

Norfolk and Suffolk county councils are among 21 local authorities handed a slice of the cash as part of a joint three- year funding announcement from education and care services ministers Andrew Adonis and Ivan Lewis.

The two authorities will get about £7m each.

The investment means many more disabled children will be able to take part in new and valuable experiences away from their parents and carers, while those looking after them will have the chance to enjoy a well-earned break from caring.

Breaks will vary in length from just a few hours to a weekend or week, with disabled children and young people being cared for in their own home or given opportunities to access activities and places in the wider community.

Anna Gill, a parent representative on the Norfolk Disabled Children's Strategy Group, the umbrella body which helped put together the county's bid, said the money would bring respite to hundreds of families.

"These breaks are brilliant for the families and brilliant for the children because it's a wonderful opportunity for them," she said. "This is going to make a very noticeable difference."

Stuart Marpole, Norfolk County Council service manager for special and additional needs, said the announcement was a major achieve-ment for the council and its partners, including Norfolk Primary Care Trust and Yarmouth and Waveney PCT.

"It is the culmination of a lot of hard work and not a little imagination and enterprise by the staff of these organisations who work with disabled children," he said. "The funding that will come to Norfolk over the next couple of years will enable us to develop and expand short breaks services to better support disabled children and their families.

"There are already good services in place but we need to increase the quantity of provision, where necessary improve the quality, and overall expand the range and choice of short breaks services available."

Patricia O'Brien, portfolio holder for children, schools and young people's services at Suffolk County Council, said: "This funding will give the council a chance to offer more children and young people a break and an opportunity to have a go at different activities. As well as this, short breaks can give those who care for children with severe needs the opportunity of a well-earned rest."
how can I get information about respite if I can get it? I never get a break away from my children and havent been apart from them for 7 years????? I find holidays difficult on my own as Ive 3 children to look after and one being disabled and another special needs - I also find it lonely cos ive no company.... when we do go away I spend a week not talking to anyone except the kids...
Hi Marion

We've got a factsheet called Taking a break which you might find useful. Download it here: http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Ord ... kjan07.pdf

Best wishes
Respite care pathfinder councils selected

http://www.communitycare.co.uk/Articles ... ldren.html

The government has selected 21 local authorities to kick-off the first wave of short-break services, over the next three years, for families with disabled children.

The £370m short-break services, announced yesterday (Monday), will provide both carers and disabled children with activities and valuable time apart, will extend to all local authorities in England from 2009.

The 21 Pathfinder areas were chosen by the Department for Children, Schools and Families for their ability to deliver “immediate improvementsâ€Â

Check these out,may be of some use to you.They may be able to advise what is available in your area.

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