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Care in the UK - Radio4 - HAVE YOUR SAY - Carers UK Forum

Care in the UK - Radio4 - HAVE YOUR SAY

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Social Care in the UK BBC Radio 4 - starting Monday

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On Monday BBC Radio 4 will begin a special month-long feature on the future of social care.

Two programmes Women's Hour (go figure) and You and Yours will take what sounds a very in-depth and challenging look at current plus future social care provision and the issues that concern us all. Podcasts will be available.

They are very keen to hear of people's experiences as a carer or people receiving care]http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours ... care.shtml[/url]

When you’re old and frail or disabled who will help you get out of bed, have a bath and basically have a life? This January we’ll be examining the provision of social care.

The provision of social care has been described as the big unresolved issue of our time and compared to the pensions crisis. As more of us live longer we're beginning to realise that longevity is expensive.

Are YOU a carer, are YOU receiving care? We want to hear from you.

Over the next 25 years we're going to see more people with dementia and the number of people over 85 is expected to double. The current system is not working, it's complex, and it's seen by many to be very unfair. Is there a better way of organising it?

And what about people who need support now? There are 1.25 million unpaid carers providing over 50 hours care per week, saving the government £87 billion a year.

We will be talking to the key players but we want to hear from you. You will have the chance to take part in the national social care debate and the Department of Health has agreed to look at ideas put to them as part of their consultation.

Have you been affected by cuts in care provision?
Have you had to arrange care; what has the experience been like?
Do you have examples of best practice?
Tell us your experiences.

Listen to some of out recent reports below.

Reform of social care funding
The half a billion pound scheme to help people arrange and organise their own social care.

Provision is shrinking
Councils cutting back on care.

The unseen workforce
Unpaid carers could save the government £87 billion a year.

Transition Care
Who pays for a disabled child’s care after 18?

The future of social care
You and Yours special
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This is the website they have set up. They have a discussion board.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours ... ndex.shtml


http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours ... mmes.shtml

Care in the UK will run during January on You and Yours and Woman's Hour. Find details and audio of programmes here.

Monday 7 January – It Could Be You
(You and Yours)
Carolyn Atkinson and Peter White investigate the state of care provision in the UK. We hear from four generations of a Lancashire family each of whom need care or give care. And we ask Care Minister Ivan Lewis, what's the future for care in the UK?

Tuesday 8 January - Older Women as Carers
(Woman's Hour)
An estimated 1.5 million people over 60 are carers in the UK. What specific problems do older carers face and what can be done to support them? Jenni Murray is joined by Jane Burt, Assistant Director of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Christine Ransome-Wallis, who is retired and looks after her 89-year-old mother.

Wednesday 9 January – Ray Gosling
(You and Yours)
Writer and broadcaster Ray Gosling explains why he moved into sheltered accommodation and how he feels it was the best decision he could have made.

Thursday 10 January - Care Homes
(Woman's Hour)
Dorothy Tutin’s daughter Amanda Waring sold her flat to raise funds to make a film based on how her mother was treated in hospital. Now she is making a follow up looking at care homes. Jenni is joined by Amanda Waring and Annie Stevenson, Senior Policy Officer at Help The Aged.

Thursday 10 January - Looking After Mum
(You and Yours)
Peter White, whose mother came to live with him when she was ill, describes 'Looking after Mum'. He considers the very personal dilemma of whether elderly parents should be “put in a homeâ€Â

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Radio Series Asks Tough Questions About Social Care, UK
Main Category: Alzheimer's / Dementia News


The reality of social care is exposed in a new radio series starting today as a report claims the long-term care system is complex and unfair.

Alzheimer's Society ambassador and actor Tony Robinson will be among those speaking about social care and dementia as part BBC Radio 4's month-long Care In The UK series.

The series gets underway on You & Yours. It comes as the Future Of Care Funding consultation is published, showing the current social care system leaves thousands of users at the mercy of a 'postcode lottery' of care.

Neil Hunt, Alzheimer's Society chief executive says,

'More and more people are being forced to fund care in their own homes as the squeeze on local authorities forces them to tighten funding criteria and limit care to only those with the most critical needs. It is time to deliver a system of care provision that works rather than one that shuts people out in the cold.

'It is fantastic to hear the voices and views of people with dementia and their carers being included in this radio debate on social care. This is a crucial part of leading the fight against a condition which affects 700,000 people today rising to more than a million in less than 20 years.'

The experience of millions of carers also comes under the spotlight as part of the Care In The UK series. One woman describes why she felt compelled to bring her mother to live with her after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, while Hollywood actress Laura Linney will discuss new film The Savages, which looks at the impact of dementia on a brother and sister.

The country's care homes will be examined by journalists from Woman's Hour. The availability of gadgets, technology and telecare to help people stay independent will also feature in a special programme later in the month.

For more information about BBC Radio 4's Care In The UK series please visit here.


- The Alzheimer's Society Dementia Helpline number is 0845 300 0336 or visit http://www.alzheimers.org.uk.
I heard the end of Tony Robinsons excellen speech about care but I cannot find where I can listen to all of it, without listening to the whole programme.
Could someone please help.

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You and Yours (57 min)
Tuesday 08 Jan, 12:00 - 12:57

Consumer issues, with Liz Barclay and John Waite.
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thank you very much.
What an understanding Tony has.