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Enduring Power of Attorney

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Please can anyone offer advice over an Enduring Power of Attorney? About five years ago my husband had one drawn up with his two sons and me as attorneys, but it was not registered. He is no longer able to manage his own affairs or understand finances. When I asked a solicitor recently how much it would cost to register, the sum involved seemed rather large. I am wondering if such a document is worth the expense in view of the fact that our day to day expenses are met by my husband's pension which is paid into our joint account, and there is no pressing need for me to make other decisions at the moment. Thank you in advance for any help!
Hi Thel

It is worth registering as you never know when you might need it - and the registration process can take some weeks. You can register it without a Solicitor and then you would save the Solicitor's fees. The actual registration fee is about £120.

Details and forms to download can be found here: http://www.publicguardian.gov.uk/forms/ ... pa-epa.htm
Here's another link that may help ;

i have been wondering too. guess i must research on line. heard it cost a couple of grand, one of the reasons for my reluctance. but oh well
even doing Mum's via the solicitors it didn't cost as much as that ! As I remember it was well under £1000 (including all the fees) and would have been a lot less if we had done it ourselves.
Thank you very much Susie, Audrey and Dorothy. On further thought it seems to me I must go the solicitor route (although it will be more expensive) - the Power of Attorney was drawn up a few years ago, so it is a matter of registering it only. As there are stepchildren involved it will be safer if they get a letter from a solicitor telling them it is being done so they can see I followed the correct procedure. I do appreciate your help - thanks again.
The POA, drawn up a few years ago, was recently registered through my father in laws solicititor and cost under £500, sorry cant remember exact amount. We did have to wait a few weeks for it to be rubber stamped due to a backlog at the Courts. You have to write to close relatives eg stepchildren, informing them of this decision in case there are any objections! Word of warning, unless you can remove cheque book and bank card the person involved, however muddled, can still use their bank account, the POA doesnt stop this just gives you control over the account too.
Just in the process (still, after 2 years hassles) of having ours done. Since we started the Office of the Public Guardian have changed the forms and rules. They originally had 'screaming abdabs', because hubby wants to be my POA (I am his), but because he can't SIGN his name, they threw it back at our solicitor and said it couldn't be done.
Our solicitor went beserk at them and has been tooing and froing (hence the 2 years) every since. Just after Christmas, she came round with some new forms and rules and said that if hubby could just make a 'mark' it'd be accepted. He did it with difficulty by holding the pen in his mouth, but still insisted on attempting to sign his name (stubborn as he is, tut). There were several pages needing a 'mark' and he did it differently every time, but it was still all right.

Make sure then that you get the correct forms, cos they have changed.

Ours cost between £400 and £500 each, although, cos of all the hassling, our solicitor waived the fee for hubby's, which was jolly decent of her.
I am livid at the moment as l have last money form housing benefit and all this money having to be paid to suited rich lawyers just like bankers are profitinh out of other poeples miseries.

Careing for a relative is love and l am sick and tired of this war by this shambles of a government run by cameron and the pathetic abuse been ligitmately through law we are all supposed to have rights but this is big money in doing wills and poa for carers who unpaid.


ps happy new year to all posters.
Thanks very much everyone. Fran - the EPA we signed five years ago was the old format I expect, being the Enduring Power of Attorney which has now been replaced by Lasting Power of Attorney. I do hope it doesn't present a problem as no solicitor would allow my husband to draw up or sign a document now (and I expect it will all be very expensive!). I think I joined the wrong profession in my youth - it is usually over £200 an hour now for a solicitor's services.
Yep 31, that's almost as much as my dentist earns!!!!!!! Image Image Image
Had check up, scale and polish and a crown stuck back on - all for £109 for 20 minutes' work.