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Advocacy Support not helping

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Hi there. I've struggled these past couple of years to get advocacy support. Which I have found there have been lots of times he's not helped me as much as he makes out. Like he doesn't know what he's doing. I've actually accused him of being on the local authority's side, he denied it. Over time I've put in complaints; just got fobbed off, making me have to back down. As he knows I don't have anywhere else to access other support. I cannot communicate with him any longer; I have just written an email to state that. Any suggestions?
Hiya Butterfly, Which advocacy service are you dealing with? It's not uncommon for ones working for LA or Health based to work with them and not clients interests.
The advocacy services are part of the local Mind mental health charity. I did ask the advocate a while ago who's side he was on, with how his attitude was. He said mine. But all along he's not just played 'devil's advocate' but has dismissed vital issues I need a voice expressing. Very frustrating, as he now starting to check with me if I'm a danger to myself, him saying he's 'concerned about me appearing so stressed that I'd do something dangerous'; diverting the attention away from what's causing me more and more stress. Which I tell him, but he ignores, like him checking with me if I'm suicidal is more important than what has caused me stress to begin with: him. He's the Manager of the department as well, which is causing me more anxiety. I sent him an email about these concerns, and actually questioning what training they have to support carers - which he encouraged me that's what they do since the new Care Act came in. But he's been too busy to support me as I was led to believe. I was actually assigned someone else the other year, where there was confusion and he, this Manager took over. I asked this current advocate, the Manager to kindly re-allocate me to someone else who can and will support me; he just fobs me off knowing I don't have a choice in the matter. Very disheartening, as I've vital issues I'm struggling with dealing on behalf of my Mother.