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someone to pop in to see mum - suggestions? - Carers UK Forum

someone to pop in to see mum - suggestions?

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I'm new here and wow! the info on here is invaluable. And I am grateful to all of you who share your stories.

My Mum has dementia but early stages still so able to communicate, has capacity etc. but she also has other health issues that makes her vulnerable to illness and falls (like many frail elderly people I'm sure) and mobility issues. I have been looking after her for four weeks (after a few trips to hospital for one thing or another) but I need to get back to work. She has carers three times a day but I was wondering if there are any options that anyone knows of for someone else (not necessarily a carer) to pop in once a day also? For example I heard (but haven't had time yet to investigate further) that Age Concern do 'sitting'.

Hi Mandy,

And welcome to the Forum. I used Age UK dementia sitting service on a weekly basis (I had to pay for it) and I know that private agencies such as Bluebird Care do the same type of service. It may also be worth checking if either the Red Cross or the Alzheimers Society (covers all forms of dementia) have local contacts.

Do the Admiral nurses operate in your area? Again they would be aware of what is available locally.

Sadly, it will all come down to money. As I am sure you have discovered, this is not likely to be free.

Good luck with the return to work,
Thank you Anne! I shall make enquiries about those. Kind of expected we'd have to pay for those but hopefully affordable as a bit of a top-up service.
Mandy, in a way, your predicament illustrates exactly why caring is so 'impossible'.....we just can't be in two places at the same time. It so often comes down to 'my life or theirs'.......

I hope you can keep the current situation going, and find the 'poppers-in' that you need.

Just a thought, but I wonder whether you could fix up a permanent Skype connection, or CCTV for your mum, so you can 'keep an eye' on her remotely - and even talk to her from work maybe????
Another thing which is talked about is cross generational interaction.

Maybe young people who want to go not caring or Nursing may volunteer to visit older people to get some insight, possibly?
Dear Mandy
I was able to find a 'befriender' for Dad through Age UK and the local Time Bank of volunteers. They found someone who visits once a week to have a beer with Dad or take him out to his local pub if he feels up to it. I found another befriender through a local church group and she takes Dad out for a drive and a cup of tea. Both of these people give of their time freely and have been wonderful. Another good organisation is Contact the Elderly - if your Mum is able to leave the house with help, then CTE runs monthly tea parties in many parts of the country whereby volunteers collect around a dozen individuals and take them to someone with a big home (different one each month) for afternoon tea and a chat. Care agencies can also provide someone just for company rather than a specific task such as housework or shopping, but of course there would be a charge.
Good luck!
Have you looked into Day care type options that will pick her up, take her to a centre for meal etc. Some even do entertainment, games, exercise classes or provide bath, hairdressing or other personal care services. There may be a charge but if you are on low income or get other support for care, could be covered within that. Age UK and sometimes private care homes provide this sort of thing, maybe google Day care elderly and your area to see what might be available.

My Mum in law is currently in hospital and preparing for discharge and the social worker suggested several local options for this, and they provide taster sessions that you can visit without obligation to continue.