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Someone to briefly cover

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Hi Bowlingbun, thank you for your response. Yes mum receives attendance allowance, the higher rate and that's it. She had a stroke May 2015and been home since April 2016. I have power of attorney for mum for both health and wealth. We had a lovely lady from Age uk who soon visited after mum came home.As mum has instant savings of well over 100kand owns the house in her own name and no debts against it valued at over 300k, there was no entitlement to other benefits. She's 77, walks slowly with a Zimmer frame.
Stepfather has worsen somewhat. He has had for a while copd and stomach colitis. However his memory recently is slowly going and sleeps most of the day! He is fully mobile otherwise and has savings over 100k and again not entitled to any benefits. I don't have power of attorney for him unfortunately, which could cause a problem. If ever he needed to go into a home, hopefully social services would get involved as I wouldn't have the time to help him, as it'm full time carer for mum, who can't be left alone to long. They don't have any joint accounts.
I claim carers allowance, which is the only benefit I can claim, as I also have instant savings of over 100k. The only thing now is that I can't go out any longer than an hour eg for shopping etc. I've been searching for a group or something that could cover me for 3/4 hers.
Kind regards
Thanks for the information. Social Services should still do a Needs Assessment and help you to find someone to care for mum so you can have a break.