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Someone to briefly cover

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Hi. I was wondering if they were any groups that had anyone to cover for mum if I went out for a few hours. I can't always rely on my neighbours and my stepfather isn't too well.
Ask Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for mum and a Carers Assessment for you. Once they know what care mum needs, and how much time you want alternative care for, they should be able to help. Does mum have a Lifeline?
Hi. Thank you for your response.Yes mum has a lifeline
Ask either your GP or a social worker to put you into contact with the areas Carers Community.

It no doubt differs from area to area, but if I become ill, Mum gets 72 hours free care and more importantly every 6 months I have 25 hours free care when I can call and someone will watch Mum while I get a break. Whether its to get out the house or just curl up in a ball in bed without worrying about Mum.
Jenny, for people without close relatives able to administer funds, an LA has a "Client Affairs" department which can apply to the Court of Protection for Guardianship. Might be worth flagging her up when funds get below about £40,000, as it will take some time to process the application etc.?
BB, thank you! I guess of course the thing is I don't want 'anyone else' to have any kind of 'legal power' over her either! I just want the damn LA to pay the fees the way I do!!!!!! Hey ho. But that you for the recommendation and information. Obviously I will have to do whatever is necessary, once her funds run out (or, as you warn, before that time!)
Jenny, I suggest a "fishing trip". Give Social Services a ring and pretend you don't know anything, and ask if they can send you any relevant information.
One issue you are likely to come up against is a "boundary dispute" i.e. which authority is financially responsible for her, as she used to be in Scotland, but has moved several times since as her needs increased.
This might well take some time to resolve!! I'm sure there's something in the Care Act somewhere about this, but can't remember what. Too many painkillers for me this week perhaps!?!
Thank you Stephen
BB - thank you! Good point. Cheers, J
Nicholas, As mum and dad both need looking after, I just thought I'd check that they were receiving all the benefits which they were entitled to? Are they physically or mentally frail? Claiming Attendance Allowance (if over 65) or PIP (if under). Are you getting Carers Allowance?
Please don't think I'm being nosey, but there are many people who are entitled but don't claim because they don't realise they qualify. Both AA and PIP are NOT means tested by the way.