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Community care/workers - Lords debate - Carers UK Forum

Community care/workers - Lords debate

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Extract from debate link below ...........
At present, a high proportion of residential nursing homes employ healthcare support workers and social care workers. Evidence from a study conducted by Ian Kessler at Oxford University shows that many undertake aspects of care traditionally done by nurses but that they are not trained to do it safely. If there is to be an increase in community care, increasing the level of social carers and healthcare support workers, there must be an increase in safeguards on the roles undertaken by those staff. With no form of regulation in place, it is difficult to track and prevent those unable to provide safe levels of care. The move to community-based care poses a significant risk to patient safety.
Anyone got experiences to share, or comments?

debate here
Social care begins at home , we as carers have accepted our responsibilities , many of us , myself included do not trust the standard of many care homes , not just the staff the whole residential care / rest home system is not fit for purpose , if they had been of any use we would have without question placed STAN within the care / rest home system. Since becoming a carer it is obvious to me that we are the cheapest form of social care, and i hope as we care for a family member they receive care with dignity , respect & compassion....
My own experience, albeit from the side, would bear this out. We had agency nurses at home earlier this year when son was especially ill. A number of them said they weren't comfortable doing his care. What they were used to was sitting in the care home office organising and signing off the medications. One actually said she 'didn't do hands on care'. I'm afraid we didn't use them again - if they don't do care they're no help.