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Can I do This?.... - Carers UK Forum

Can I do This?....

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Now,I really dont know if I can do this,if not,I am sorry.If you remove this thread,thats ok.

As much as I dont discuss politics,well,ok,i do,but I gurd my loins for feisty debate when i do,i dont do relgeion,well,i do,do it,but to me,faith is deeply private,and i dont get into debates on it,well,not here,anyway.

I just wondered if there were any carers who find helpand support in their faith group,church etc?.
If you remove this thread,thats ok.
No need to remove the thread Maxi. You posted an interesting question.
I believe my faith has helped me over the years, but also recognise there are many different religions/beliefs etc. Quite interesting in our house as my hubby is a non believer. Never causes any upsets though as we respect each others views.

Aside from beliefs, I find help and support mostly comes from family and friends, including friendships made online.
I lost any faith I had when my son was diagnosed with the terminal condition of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of six. I was brought up as a Scottish Episcopalian.

A good topic to bring up Maxi. I've never been religious in any way, though I know many people who have turned to religion and found it to be a great help to them in troubled times.
Must admit similar to Eun when both my children were diagnosed but I do try to regain it, not sure if I could though if their diagnosis had been terminal.
Eun I have the utmost respect for you.
Hi Maxi,
My beliefs and my faith certainly help me, but they aren't religious as such. I am, and always have been, a strong believer in metaphysics, and my involvement with this area has convinced me that everything happens for a reason, even though that reason may not be immediately evident. It's like looking at a big tapestry very closely and all we see are a few threads, but when we are able to stand back and view from a distance we see what the big picture is. My belief also convinces me that it's not the circumstances in our life that matter, but how we respond to them - but it's something I have to remind myself of regularly. I also know that life here is like being an actor on a stage, and we're only acting out our part, but we're doing it because there's something important we need to learn. None of it is easy, but every so often I take a few deep breaths and try to put it all into a bigger perspective, instead of getting lost in the little problems of day to day life of being a full time carer, and that really helps a lot. I also believe that we choose our lessons before we even come here, and that those of us who have chosen major challenges in life are advanced souls who are learning big lessons, or are advanced souls who have generously agreed to provide us with big lessons, and when I remind myself of that, then I am very grateful rather than resentful.
i must admit given that there is a lot of suffering in the world i find it difficult to reconcile an omnipotent God with a benevolent one.

A long time ago i decided that as i would never know what life is all about, (if anything) i would settle for not knowing. All this 'why are things the way they are' was getting very stressful!!! As far as i'm concerned i'm here now and i just have to deal with whatever comes my way...appreciate the good things and try to get through the bad as best i can.

Does that technically make me an agnostic Image I believe in goodness though, in being kind to others..and love..sort of christianity without the hope of saving my soul Image
As a good catholic boy=== i get plenty of help from him upstairs ...
I was brought up as Catholic along with my 2 brothers but as we all reached our teenage years we chose not to go to church. I got married in a Catholic church to please my parents (mother mainly as she is the Catholic) but I'm afraid as the years went on I chose not to go to church.

I have always tried to follow my catholic teachings though regarding being a good person and being kind to others, those less fortunate and so on. To me this is more important than actually going into a church. I know people who go to church every week and make a big thing of their faith and I've also sat around a table sharing a meal with them and have been mortified at how nasty and even vindictive they can be about people.

I've often cooked meals for people living locally who are depressed or lonely (and a few with other probs) and these "churchy" lot tell me I'm making trouble for myself!

I'm afraid any faith I had seems to have left me over the years. I had twin sons and I prayed and prayed that they'd arrive safely but I was very ill and sadly they were stillborn. Then my DD was born prematurely and probs developed as she got older. However, I do have a healthy son and he is my saving grace sometimes. Image
I must be a religious gypsy.

Dad was a choir boy in the Anglican church, mum a church of scotland attender. Both were in the army therefore attended church parade every week.

When I was five we moved to Thurso which has every church of every denomination, and I work my way round them all with my friends, choosing to join the Church of Scotland, but my granny believed I was a "closet Catholic". There are times I find myself crossing myself, because it seems the right thing to do, and I do my best chatting to "Him upstairs" at the kitchen sink.

My stepson is a born again Christian (God botherer) and keeps trying to convert his Dad and I. I told him in order to be born again I would have to have lost my faith, sorely tried on many occasions, but never completely lost. "Attending Church on a Sunday doesn`t make one a good Christian, any more than standing in a garage would make one a car."

Finally my granny had a saying for getting chores done on the Sabbath........"The better the day, the better the deed"

An interesting can of worms opened here methinks.

Take care