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Some people are so rude! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Some people are so rude!

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I think carers all learn to "hold the stare".............I have been known to make the aside when passing "Would you like a photograph, you`ll know us next time then."

Take care
My family have experienced more negativity with my husband's disabilities than my son's. So many people seem very positive about Downs Syndrome. But try getting a man with a white stick safely down a street,(when he doesn't have a guide dog with him). People get angry if he bumps into them, or if his stick touches their shopping bags, they park their cars on the pavement and are abusive if he gets near them. But give the same man a guide dog and walk down the same street, and everyone makes way for them, and allows them lots of room. Of course they stare,but to be honest, most people are curious as to how the dog knows what to do. I saw two boys about 12 years old talking to my husband one day. I knew that they were from the worst part of town for troublemaking, and the pair of them had a cigarette each hanging out of their mouths, but when I listened, they asked really sensible questions, including asking if they should move out of the way if they saw someone approaching them on the pavement with a guide dog.
Boggle, it sounds as though your daughter has the right Mum for her, one that will not put up with any abuse,including staring. Good for you!
i should be very angry.i am.despairing,the more i read.ignorance,stupidity.

one thing i do hate is parents who see thier children staring,comenting over a person eating etc,or,saying a nasty word about a persons appearance,children can be very cruel. parents often dont check thier childs on the nasty things they do or say.so,the child thinks its ok to be nasty,worse,some idiotic parents join-in the coments children make.nasty.
Daisy, we used to have that too with our Hamish. If hubby was out with him in his yellow working coat, people used to move out of the way. And people and children used to ask hubby if they could stroke his dog. Hamy used to sit down and love all the patting and the children hugging him. People seemed generally to be more obliging and 'nicer', when we had Hamish with us.
I like to think that all the little children in heaven are giving him lots of cuddles, which he'd love. He was a 'failed' guide dog, cos he was too interested in things going on around him to be focused.... that's why he was taken on by the Dogs for the Disabled trainers and turned out to be a terrific helper doggy.
He's probably rushing around the cloud houses, picking up everybody's post in his mouth!
Fran if Rhys is around, then he will love Hamish to bits.Over the last couple of years of his life,when he was so depressed, he still felt uplifted by dogs, especially labradors.Ben pictures Rhys running along the beaches of Heaven looking after lots of dogs.
Kids staring I don't mind. The younger ones are often just curious, so we often just talk to them - explaining that the suction machine is just a medical vacuum cleaner works. They tend to take it in their stride and go on to something else. the older ones are more difficult. Adults are just impossible.