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Some advice needed?

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Fingers crossed for you for today x
Hope all goes well for you, and that your mum realises how lucky she is too have you around, will keep my fingers crossed for you,, love Maggie xx
How did it go Brogusblue?
I give up .. I really do.. Image

Will the assessment went well i got my hopes up a little .. only to get a call to say no .. as no place is available with a hospital bed... My heart sunk.. then the social worker rings saying now mum needs a FNC assessment for nursing home untill that is done .. no respite offered Image Image Image Image Image

So i now have to ring my community matron on monday to organise that and start all over again ..

I have told the social that i have packed a bag ready to walk as i can't stand no more of this chasing around and being passed pillar to post..
Oh for goodness sake!!!!! Image Image Image

Well the social rang and said they are tryiing one more home to see if they could take mum from respite so thay rang me and said they will be there at4..30pm for assessment to my suprise it was a ex carer who know mum and me .. after the assessment she said yes to respite .. so mum is off on monday 2oth to march 5th - 2weeks respite .. this has been a hard battle and finaly i got there .. looking forward to my break now .. but along road ahead filling forms for mums nhs care home funding
At long last, a result! Do make sure that you have a proper break when your mum has gone. This has been a long and very hard road for you to this point, but there is now real hope of an ultimate solution. I suspect that the respite placement will also give a report to the people responsible for Continuing Care. Do expect to feel a bit odd for the first couple of days without your mum, I found the first respite period my son ever had surprisingly difficult. Take care.
Make sure there are no meetings or paperwork while your mum's away - or there's no point in a break!

I bet it was the "my bag is packed" statement that did the job.
Yes Charles your properly right..

sadly i need to get the paperwork done whilst she is in respite so hopefully she can go from respite to a home..

But i will try and enjoy my break much as possible.. get out and do things not sure what yet.. depends on funds available as next week its income support i have some bills to pay and the week after is a short week only my mums pension.. i do have my carers allowance also,
When you are doing the paperwork, just try and see it as your passport to freedom. If that doesn't make it easier, nothing will!
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