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Some advice needed?

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Hopefully tomorrow you will get a few more answers to when your mums respite will be.

Feeling fed up i think a lot of us can relate to that, especially with this weather making it so much harder to get out and about.

Have you things planned for when you have some free time?. x
Nothing planned .. maybe just rest and relax .. i might jump on a train to london for a day out or down to brighton depending on money and weather.. I might pop to my sisters with the dogs for week in wales..

Untill i know for sure i am not getting my hopes up or planning anything ..
The assessment went well and they are going to battle for me to get my mums respite sorted.. the social are digging there heels and want me to pay but the mental team say i shouldn't have to..

I feel like crap today angry,irritable,low also tired and achy..

I was meant to do the hoovering and dusting today but i just can't be bothered with it ..
Never mind the hoovering. I'm giving you my official permission for a day off now! It's good that Health are on your side, which seems to suggest that your mum needs care because of a health condition, rather than a social need. It may well be that long term your mum will be paid for by health, but I expect that they need to go through a procedure first (when don't they?) Remember, we're all on your side. Take care.
Broguesblue, this one step forward, one step back is so stressful and wearing ...but seems the only way officialdom seem to work. At least you have health on side now. Hang in there girl.

Turn the over head lights on, open the window a smidgeon and do anything you can to keep your Mum awake and wear her out .... (Easier said than done, I know ...) Chose a strategic time to do the hoovering etc

Hang in there girl"
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Mum had me up at 4.30am this morning tried to go back to bed but couldn't was up 5am .. in adsa's by 7am and home at 8.20am to mums constant bleeting about her nebuliser, Just let me get throught the door and sort myself out and sort meds out and then i will do nebuliser.. non stop asking about her nebuliser when i did give it to her she only had it on a min and took it off waste of time and now she bleeting again i have told she will have to wait untill lunchtime now ..

Just had a phone call from social services about respite she will speak to her manager and get back to me this afternoon .. So fingers crossed its finaly going to happen ..
Did they get back to you? x
Did they get back to you? x
No.. Image

Mum is on fine form again if its not nebuliser its wants sitting up in bed or a drop of milk in her tea.. I really don't know how much more i can take.. I hope they ring tomorrow with some news .. at this rate i can see myself packing my bags and walking out with the dogs..
So frustrating that they say they willring back and they dont.

Do you have there number, give them till lunch time and give them a call to tell them you have had enough of the situation and your close to walking out. x
Finaly might be getting somewhere with this respite for my mum.. she has a assessment at 11am today for a placement for monday for 2 weeks.. This has been one hell of a battle to get this far.. and its taking its toll on me.. So fingers crossed they yes and finaly i might be able to a break,

If they say no .. i really don't know what i am going to do ..
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