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Some advice needed? - Page 11 - Carers UK Forum

Some advice needed?

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Start planning some quality "me" time for whilst your Mum is in respite.

What a great result Image Image Enjoy your respite
A big THANK YOU to all who help me .. Image your lovely and helpful posts help me alot long may it continue.. Image

I slept a little easier last night.. So just now i am waiting to see what happens next??

I think deep down mum has realised (I hope so) that i can't be there to provide the care that she needs..

I have this song going through my head at the moment ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=banXT6azA-4
I think its finally sinking in what happen yesterday.. I felt relieved that something was finaly happening

I woke up fine this morning .. But now i feel crushed,guilty,angry,anxiety & scared..? i am going to try the dr's today for appointment and what he say's
When my hyperactive brain damaged child had his first 5 day respite care, I nearly had a breakdown. I finally realised just how much I had been doing, on the go 24/7 with no holiday.You will be going through a "life changing moment". Expect to have an emotional roller coaster over the next few weeks as the realisation sinks in, in some ways it will be like a bereavement, which sadly I know all about. For the next few weeks, just try very hard to focus on what you have to do today, just one day at a time. Hopefully your GP will give you some support. I write a diary every evening, which I write when I've gone to bed at night. I tell the diary how I've been feeling, and anything important. It might be useful for you to do the same, then you will be able to chart your progress towards a better life. This time next year you will be in a very different place. Take care. Jill
Lovely song, bought back memories, not heard it for a long time.

The feelings you are experiencing are all perfectly normal, you have had such a lot on your plate they when things finally and you get some help it feels overwhelming.

Hopefully the doctor can put your mind at ease.

One day at a time. ((( hugs ))) xx
Thanks .. Image

Got a emergency appointment .. Lucky our community matron was in our surgery today and spoke to the dr before i went in .. Had a chat and feel better getting things of my chest .. He has put me on citalopram 10mg for 2 weeks and i have to go back and see him then..I will start them tomorrow
Glad you got listened too. Hopefully things will start to improve for you x
Just reading the tablet info they but in the box .. Wish i never now .. Image Image

But will start to take them in the morning .. and hopefully they will help..

Just nipped to town picked up mum prescription and its blooming freezing really raw .. they say snow tonight/tomorrow but looked on my local forcast no snow ???
Those antidepressants have been my Dad`s saving grace.

Taking them in the morning will hopefully lift your mood and you will sleep better at night and wake refreshed, rather than the hangover feeling night time antiD`s can cause.

Pleased the GP listened and you have good support.

Take care
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