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Sold my home to move in with mum on one to one basis. - Carers UK Forum

Sold my home to move in with mum on one to one basis.

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Image Well lost a whole page last night over a hrs worth of posting about the above.

The very lovelly people at the dss/dwphave informed me even though l am ill and my mum now has cancer that the minute in move my mum will loose £200 per month which is the severe disability premium mum gets in lew of me not getting cares allowance.

I have about £48000 debt including my morgage will which will be cleared on the 22 August when the sale completes.

Gordon brown and his new chronies have not a clue about the inhuman and the degredation we all face as carers fulltime.

Matt Gavin and Emily know very well how strongly i feel and i have asked them what the hell is going on with the system that in place.

All other sections of society seems to be able to take strike action to better there wages and working times but we Carers cannot do this.

I have often thought and mum has agreed to go to london and chain oursleves to the gates at downing street with a placards ext to have this sit in for change now not 20 years time.

One of the devious staff at the dwp/dss has now also asked me for a breakdown of the sale of my house for the sake of the capitol entitlement.

How they treat us all with their contempt for us all and the patronizing attitude to boot.

Dont give a dam or Image about our welfare and our human rights.

The ptrc have told me that with ref to the withdrawing taking mums severe disability premium is against mums fundemental human rights as laid down in the European Convention Of Human Rights of 2001 and the Disability Discrimmination acts of 1995/1998.

Why is this abuse of the stupid idiotic attitude towards us all when we are only doing for our relatives becuase we care and love.


I have said this before prisoners in jail seem to huge solicitors and barristers at their disposal to tackle any ills they have with their incarcaration in jail but what about us.

Or are we as Carers in the goverments eyes just not worth it or the hassle or the time or trouble to help us.

There is not a day in this hell of a life that mum has said she wishes she was dead and buried because of all the ago and the fighting with all and sundry just to maintiain a small level of happiness.

Sadly l wish l was dead at times but would rather mum went fisrt would not want to leave in this world today full of backstabbers and drugaddicts who get all the help they need but the genuine ones dont just pathetic and ludiocrous in this day age suppose to a major country of the world but this is 6 grade when it comes to us carers.

speak agian soon fellow carers and comments please.

Kenneth,I agree with much of what you have to say.

I will just explain one thing though: prisoners are entitled to Legal Aid because they have lower incomes than carers: generally speaking, most carers don't qualify for Legal Aid, which is why so few law suits are taken to court on behalf of carers.
When i gave up work 1997 i had small works pension so i cant get any help like income support i cleared my debts and had about 15-000 left but over time that just vanished i was living with my parents both disabled (war pensioners) as they had a "high income" they got no help at all.
we were forced by social services to move from our 3 bed house as they said it was not suitable for my father we were going to let him sleep downstairs but the toilet was a problem in a way social services were right but they said they could not rehouse us in ground floor flat but they wanted my father to go into care well you know what we said to that i think they wanted STAN in care as he had a very large war pension and private pension plus his state pension so he could pay for his care .
long story short we sold our house did not make any real profit just enough to clear debts and a little left over for me? no social services said profit had to be shared 3 ways anywho that money soon went on disability aids chair.bed, bath lift, shower and ramps we had to pay as all was means tested. sadly stan passed away 18 months ago so its just me and my mother living in a very expensive rented flat however my mother did get war widows pension so thats a big help i would advise you to invest your cash if you have any left so you cant be tempted
It's a sad fact that people who have saved for a small pension, or who are lucky enough to have been able to purchase a house, find that these assetts are diminished when they become involved with social services.
The government will not allow savers to retain their former standard of living and receive free social services. Social services provision is still in the Victorian charitable tradition, and local authorities have to charge the receipient if he or she has income above the poverty line.
I consider this attitude is unjust and counter productive as people will take steps to avoid this regressive indirect taxation when they realise what is going on. By giving assets to relatives or simply failing to save for a decent pension when they are able to do so, for fear of losing it if they need care.
Current high property prices are resulting in a greater number of tenants unable to buy or save for the future.
The nest egg Margaret Thatcher's government acquired by the sale of council houses will shortly all be spent. The capital gains the government made then have long been spent. And the savings on social services expected as former tenants fall ill or die and their houses are sold to pay for social services or nursing home costs will soon also be gone.
For Carers, the best and fairest solution I think, (in agreement with Lord Desai the economist), is to pay Carers a social wage commensurate with their Caring commitment, which would be taxable as other earned incomes are.
best wishes normangardner
[quote]Kenneth,I agree with much of what you have to say.

I will just explain one thing though]

Legal Aid needs an overhaul then, considering that prisoners get free accommodation, free food, free prescriptions, free dental treatment, free education, free entertainment, no bills to pay and a wage!
But then, having committed the 'crime' of becoming a carer, the sentence is poverty.
I don't disagree, Myrtle: but there are more carers and the cost to the government would be far higher than any cost brought about by prisoners - which is why the government doesn't make it easier for everyone to get legal aid.