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I was talking to a friend today who works for a prominent firm in the food business who was astounded by some co-workers who were moaning about there pay and conditions and she said "I dont know what they have to moan about they get a damn good wage they also get bonus'es plus an Annual bonus and a free Christmas party thrown in, I wish they could see you and your wife and see what you manage on, that would stop them moaning........................ but I suppose some people are never satisfied!!!
I know what you mean but that is human nature if you are in work it can be that someone is better off than you and it's natural in most case's you want more we all moan but then we have only to see on TV how people in the third world are living then that makes me feel guilty.

I have always felt that as long as I have enough to pay for a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and heat for our home I do not need more, when I earned loadsa dosh I saw it as almost undeserved, nice but not essential. And I agree with John on the issue of the Third World where people live in absolute poverty and not the relative poverty which we experience in this country so whilst I realise that we are probably defined as relatively poor I feel rich in relation to people in countries where the basic necessities to sustain life are not guaranteed and survival is a battle which is so easily lost.
You should judge a government on how it cares for its most vulnerable members of society the poor the disabled the elderly and dare i say it those who care for them .
i think money is something that when u have it, u want more,, when u dont ahve a lot u appretiste it and r alot better off in yerself, u know wots important

like annie said- roof, food , clothes

like annie said- roof, food , clothes
......Car/s, laptop, fridge-freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, broadband connection, widescreen hi-res colour TV, video, DVD player, foriegn holidays, Ipod, mobile phone....

It is quite amazing what people take for granted now compared to what we had when we were kids. But are we happier for it all, or do we just moan when it all breaks down?
I find it astounding that anyone today would moan about having a job! Surely these moaners have heard about millions of unemployed people who cannot find work because of the recession? I personally would show any moaner the door marked with "Exit" over it and let them know if they are unhappy, they are free to leave.
Friend of mine is doing his nut because he has been asked to make himself available for weekend work at time and a half andouble time but he will only get 1 weeks notice he said "dont they know ive got a life away from work"
wots a dishwasher?? oh yeah its ME! lol lol lol

mobile phone-- hmmm when i pay the bill its good lol lol

we dotake some things for granted but i have noticed my laptop has sat in its boix waiting for a vista recovery disk so it can work again
the PC is actually matts for his games that he has had for yrs but its good enough,
the mobile-- its an old one, £30 off of ebay but i LOVE IT!

went over to a friedns for coffee-- £150 mob, £100 vacume, £400 laptop, several grands worth of car and i thought ok
we got a banger of a saxo and an iveco van, a racebike thats the oldest on track but tot ake stock of everything we have the contents of the house isnt worth insuring!

so most of us do have the mod cons, but they r held together with duck tape or hundred mile an hour tape as its called at a track side, i am a wizz at fixing a washing machene, microwave and video and dvd players, and even a vacume.
it so annoys me when people complain about having their wage/hours cut - my poor son, who went to uni, has not worked since January.
He even applied for a job sorting potatoes - but it was gone before it was advertised!
he is out of the 'young' age range, and can't be'government retrained' as he hasn't worked long enough.
He is in a no win situation, and is expected to survive on £60 a week!