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Social workers again

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Paula, sorry to hear you are going through this. When my husband was nearing end of life( he had dementia and other issues) I googled signs of dying. It really prepared me, and was glad I took Bowlingbuns advice. Tears do flow, but they do anyway don't they.
Thinking of you
Good idea Bowlingbun and I only have a mobile number and do t always have a signal, which is actually true as I live in a very rural area. Even if not for backup an email is better as I don’t absorb everything said and so need to have something to refer to. Thanks again 😘
It's also easier to forward to people that might be able to help. I now routinely copy emails I've sent to SSD to various people, just so they can't deny I've sent them.
Just a quick update..my mum is now in a nursing/ care home. It was arranged by Hillingdon CCG totally un be known to me so I don’t know if she has had a CHC assessment and the guy I spoke with didn’t know either but he did mention the nurse that was looking after her. No mention of the fees yet so I will take it one step at a time. I do feel better that I know she is being looked after and I was told this is a permanent placement.
My mum is in a very poor state now has to be hoisted out of bed, soils herself day and night, needs encouragement to eat and drink, sleeps mainly and has gone from being aggressive towards people to completely passive although she has no idea where she is 😔 So very sad as she was a vibrant cheeky character in her day. I am now dealing with another social worker who I don’t trust one bit as they are really cunning trying to draw information out that they aren’t entitled to know at this stage. Next the CHC battle. . There is no way my mum can manage with just carers as she has primary health needs that should be fully funded. The NHS are good at pulling people though an infection etc but drop the person like a hot potato when they need continuing care. It’s really not right I will have to fight tooth and nail to get her funded at this stressful time. 😢😢
What info are SS trying to draw out?
They are trying to draw out financial information before my mum has had her CHC assessment that’s assuming she passes the check list. The home she is in is being very obstructive as they of course want her to be a self funded as they get about 40%more money than the CCG would pay if she got CHC. The deputy manager doesn’t deal with me anymore and passes my emails to the home manager. They want to do the CHC check list this week ( have no time to send me my request records!) I don’t want this done as I now have a specialist company helping me to try to make sure her assessment is fair ( they normally aren’t) but the care home says head office is insisting it is done. I have kinda moved on from the SW to now having problems with the care home. It really should be this hard and this un fair