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Mum in hospital

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My poor Mum is in hospital, very poorly with heart failure and on oxygen. Her colour is very poor even with the oxygen and she is exhausted. She is on an isolation ward as she has a nasty bug in her urine, which she is not having treatment for as the treatment is too aggressive with her poor health. She's been there 2 weeks and is very depressed. She has asked not to be resusitated and has signed the form. When I visit she usually sleeps most of the time. She wants to go to a care home, initially for respite as she hopes she may get better. I have got her a bed in a home with a good reputation. I have been asking to speak to a social worker for a week, but hopefully I can speak to one Monday or the discharge nurse can appparently help me. Just feel so upset seeing Mum in such a state as she was a good Mum and is a lovely lady, and had a hard life with my Dad who wasn't very nice to her. I feel very anxious and exhausted but I suppose that's normal. Thanks for listening.
Dear Mumofone, sorry to hear that your mum is so poorly - no wonder you are exhausted. Hope that when you visit you will see a little improvement. (hugs)
Hi mumofone,
It is hard when someone that you love is in hospital. The stress is very exhausting. Be gentle with yourself and delegate, defer and ditch all the jobs that you can so that you can spend time with your mum while she is so poorly.
Thanks Crocus and Wifey x
yes, normal .... But that doesn't help much. Sorry.
Thank you x. Keep hoping I'll find her a little better when I go in.
Sending both your Mum and you love and strength xx
Just sending you some (((hugs))). Hope mum is comfortable and try to look after yourself too.
Thank you x. She was a little brighter today.
Good to hear this - hope you get a good night's sleep to help you too.