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SOCIAL WORKER FROM HELL - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum


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Thanks Dancedintherain.
Dancedintherain, I don't think any one can say too much on this subject.
Gela, you really do need someone emotionally detached and professional to guide you ..
And deal with communication to do with practical matters including finances....day to finances I mean. You need to know What YOU ARE entitled to, how HIS money Can be Used etc. And Social Services can work through this with you (NOT the safeguarding investigators).

You are a Christian ... Whilst I don't think I am...I am aware that it is not productive to regard anyone or any organisation as an "evil enemy". And hobby horse of mine .... Please don't get information from the Daily Mail...instead search for TRUTH.

I am not saying you are unintelligent at all (think you trust me by now) I AM saying that your stress is the stumbling bock...You feel you have been unfairly accused of dishonesty yes? Whereas from my comparatively comfortable position i say to you .....let them investigate, cooperate with them...THIS is the only way forward and quite likely they will find NOTHING out of order. Or if something is out of order, even just an administrative error, there WILL be ways to resolve it. One step at a time.

Hope this makes some sense.... Think it over.x

maybe I shouldn't add this but .... Do you think there will come a time when your carees needs will be best served by residential care? In my case I refused that option for a wee bit too long. I was ANGRY and SHOCKED with "Them" all for suggesting it ......in HINDSIGHT my husband and me owe "THEM" our gratitude.
Hindsight is valuable.
I see you are online. I have no option but to go now...sorry. Maybe see you another time. Image
And maybe have to NAg you yet again lol. X
Thanks Dancedintherain.