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Welcome to the site - have have you tried your M.P local M.P they cover all kinds of problems you seem to have a good handle on your issues so pass that information onto him or her & fingers crossed something will get done - but they do deal with things that is their job which we pay then to do. Good luck hope that is of some help - sounds as though you definitely need it - don't give up. God bless.
Thanks bradstonian,

I will be seeing my MP on Saturday.

I am on the edge in every way, my caree wont sleep and just fighting, ripping my cloths.. I am going through one of the hardest time in my life.HELP!
In an emergency, phone social services out of hours service. They are in a better position to help than we are. We do the prevention: they do the intervention.
When he was in the hospital they had to heavily sedated him to manage him. Before he was discharged the hospital asked SS to provide us with night carer to no avail. They only concern about our home. Today the SW call my to tell him that the reason she raised safeguard investigation is because the house is not in his dad name and that seem add because the money that bought the house come from the sale of his dad previous.

Just to remind you:
We have never asked SS for any financial help!
They have never offer us any support be it tangible or intangible.

Right now I am in sever distress and I have no one to turn to, he is trashing the place.

Gela, phone the out of hours social services, the ambulance or the police. If he's really violent you need someone to come.
Gela, hope you are OK. The hospital should not have sent him home at all under these circumstances. From what you say he needs to be in a secure unit to keep him, and those caring for him safe.
Thanks bowlingbun, the hospital knew and his because they recorded on hie behaviour chart that he was physically abusive and aggressive on 9,10, 11 but nothing was recorded in his hospital notes on those days. On monday last week they were unsure of his discharge date because of his behaviour especially at night and the asked SS to arrange help for us at night but SS ignore the request. The very next morning the hospital rang me to say he has been discharged, if I would like them to send him home in an ambulance.

The weekend before we were extremely worried because he was heavily sedated and look like he would pass any minutes, he could not even speak or eat.

Thanks my fellow carers.

I send you all love and hugs..
Hi again Gela. I hope you and your caree are having a better night.x

I do not know if this is one of a series of behavioural incidents you have had to cope with or if it was your first.(no need to reply) but yes, it is frustrating, emotional and scary and can be dangerous for all concerned. It is a hard hard hard situation to deal with and nobody knows all the answers on managing such situations. Apart from as you probably know to step back to safety, avoid crowding the patient if possible whilst trying with body language and tone of voice to calm the situation. To keep EVERYONE safe.Not easy? No of course not I hear you say. Xx

But I think you know all this intuitively.

I heard what you said about GP etc acknowledging the good care you give him. I am sure this is true...like me you do the best possible when needed in the various crises that dementia presents on occasions.

Gela, II hope by now you have had some professional input on the whole situation. In any case I am going to add my view here, as an outsider, ok? As an amateur. I may be too late but for wot it worth, here goes.

It seems to me you are struggling with TWO main issues. Namely caring In a practical sense for him AND the issue of an unresolved as yet financial safeguarding investigation.

Gela, I propose the safeguarding issue will run its course to whatever conclusion. MEANWHILE, you have to somehow separate the two issues in your mind.

My concern is that the stress over the safeguarding investigation might, I stress might, be clouding your judgement when it comes to asking for help, from for instance, social services, ambulance, GP etc. It is easy to assume that other "authorities" will bring back the safeguarding issue bang slap in your lap, especially easy when you are caring in a stressful difficult situation.

Until you are comfortable with separating the two in your own mind, you may be missing out on help in times of crisis.

The safeguarding team WILL have to finish the investigation, they are duty bound to if there is any suspicion concerning a vulnerable adult,and the investigation is NOT dependent on you having asked for a financial assessment ....or In Your case in NOT having asked for it. Sometime previously someone must, I think, have spotted some which has caused concern ...I stress I do not doubt your integrity at all. But we have to be seen, apparently, to be whiter than white.

For any casual reader who wants to know more about Safeguarding practice and principles I suggest reading the first few pages of a topic we have here, which is an overview of the subject.

Gela, do feel free to either ignore me, to tell me I am barking up the wrong tree, or whatever.
I promise I am willing to listen and I promise my interest is purely one of trying to help you cope.

DR ...sending best wishes.x

[quote]In an emergency, phone social services out of hours service. They are in a better position to help than we are. We do the prevention]
AND. ..... Listen to Scally and to MYRTle. Social services(not safeguarding team) ambulance, police, GP.
lastly, I am raising GENERAL awareness of dementia for anyone else reading this.(Gela my dear, this stuff you will know already but others may not ok?) I abhor ignorance and assumptions.

Do NOT assume that one incident of behavioural problems signifies this will continue for ever after. It can be caused by stress, change of circumstance such as disorientation (including hospital admission and or discharge, pain which the sufferer is unable to indicate, loss of inhibition etc etc.) And the management and CARE varies on each episode AND it can often be completely resolved. Never to occur again.

But always something dementia carers MIGHT have to deal with.

And that's the reality of dementia care. And why I applaud those who do it, out of love for the person affected.

have I said too much? Time I went too bed.