Social sevices delays/unrealisticness!!!

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How long should sw take to get care plans sorted out and provide a copy of social care and carers assessments?

In our home four family members have statutory care need and two carers have statutory needs.

Me no longer being able to be the main carer due to a severe deterioration in my health and now having my own statutory care needs now has dramatically changed things over the last year which we have communicated very clearly to social care.

But social workers just seem to be delaying getting the support we need in place which is causing immense stress and difficult is managing day to day.

For example my mum's and my social care reviews, and my carer review finally took place in May but we still haven't seen the assessment document to check if the correctly recorded our care needs (big errors of occurred in the past), and my husband's carers assessment was completed a little while after but we still haven't seen any documents from the carer reviews.

The social worker just seems to be delaying things by saying my husband can care when he's out at work and our 15yr old daughter when she's in education (not at home) and we just seem to have to keep reiterating this as obviously they can't be in two places at once.

And they are trying to provide care as if we were all individuals were living on their own rather than as living as a family of six.

We get direct payments but the support for myself is three 30-minute sessions per day which is economically unviable for an employee as the travel time and costs are greater than the pay.

As for the support we need due to disabilities and being carers with domestic routines and administration and hospital appointment (an appointment takes 3 hours alone) is insufficient.

They don't seem to be taken into account that my mother cannot do a home domestic routines because she is severely visually impaired (registered blind since Dec 2016) and has memory and cognitive problems.

And apparently our young adult autistic children should be given training by enablers so they can do their own domestic routines but this isn't provided on a daily basis or at all yet and they're at college full time so would not cope with this enabling on the days they attend College.

They also seem to expect everyone to do their own washing up individually and their own laundry individually which is logistically and financially impossible for a family of six, and they think that a load of washing can be put in washed and hung out in 30 minutes well also providing me with 30 minutes of care I need at the same time.

It makes me wonder if social workers actually live in the real world?

Do they all live on their own with no dependents or partners?

Have they never lived as a family themselves and therefore have no understanding of family life?

All I get back is it's policy but it's making for unworkable social care support and our family is quality of life is deteriorating with negative impact especially on my husband's, my daughter's and my own health.

We've complained previously to Devon County Council when they have provided unworkable plans or created massive delays and that just makes things worse, so where do we go next?

And our local advocates were in league with the council supporting them rather than ourselves.
I share your frustration. The only way you are going to get this sorted is by getting Legal Aid, as I've suggested before, for those members of your family entitled to it. He can then fight the battles for you to some extent. For the rest of you, go to the Local Government Ombudsman as he has said that assessments should be complete within 6 weeks.
You could also threaten the Leader of the Council that you intend to go to The Times or similar if you don't have them within 14 days or whatever time frame you feel is appropriate. When I did this a few years ago the Leader told the officers concerned to clear their desks and meet me whenever it was convenient to me. He knew me as a result of a planning issue, and actually spoke supporting my group, so he knew just how determined I could be. We won, even though in the beginning he didn't think we stood a chance!!!