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So wotcha think about the New Members

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
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I'm not going anywhere ! This forum looks good and informative and hopefully I'll learn some things over the course of the near future.

I'm looking for keys to a happier life because I feel stuck at present !
Hi Cabbage,
We are all trying to support each other as best we can, however hard we try, sometimes we get things wrong. We all have good days and bad days, most days have a bit of both, but we are all trying to make the best of what life has thrown at us. I read somewhere that the only way not to do anything wrong, is not to do anything!
Totally agree with the number of posts debate..
OK,does anyone disagree that the number of posts should be chucked out?
Hopefully you'll have noticed that we have acted on this and number of posts no longer displays in right hand column. But stats fans like me can still see them in the member search.
a post was posted on a thread and it came across very dont dont it again which made me feel like not coming back to this forum again, purely because of how i had read it , when you are so low and have no confidence the last thing you need is to read dont do it again or something like it.
Hi Cabbage - thanks for the feedback. Glad it helped you to post. I can see what you mean about a reply putting you off, if it is unfriendly. It's hard sometimes when we've been here a while to remember what it was like when we first started. So we do try and be sensitive but sometimes some of us might go in feet first with our big size 10s Image . When that happens we hope you'll not be put off coming back.

As Audrey has said, if you are concerned about anything please ask a Moderator or a member of staff like me and Lucy.

All the best

hi matt and dancing in the rain thankyou for your messages they have made me feel good again

i have just checked and no it was not you dancing in the rain who did the post, but i dont want to name names , i just wanted to say that one thing as being new it is hard to write the most personel things down to strangers even though they dont feel like it.

i have never joined any forum before so it is new and full of info and situations that you dont realise are happening to anyone else, so yes it is hard to write sometimes but i have found it has helped me more than anyone will know

so for you oldies out there excuse my humour but life is to bleak sometimes and we all need a bit of fun which i can get on the forum to,
Fun is fine, cabbage. Most of us have a "desperate" sense of humour.

We laugh at things that others wouldn't because we're desperate for a laugh.
Me, I can usually find a funny side to everything, even if to anyone else it wouldn't be funny at all Image
Im sorry to say I have a really black sense of humour that will probably land me in hot water some time Image
There are some very delicate folk out there, and in here, whose lives are hanging on a thread.

The Internet could - in theory and maybe in practice - be a lifesaver to some of them, but only if they have the ability to pick and choose their pals with great care, because out here in cyberspace yuo can meet the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and we dont exactly advertise which category we fall into. Some posters can even be all three, depending how bad a day they had.

This is a carers website, and it is also well moderated; but lets not imagine that means we all chose to be carers. Some were born to care. Some chose to care. But many of us were dragged kicking and screaming into caring, and would do anything we could NOT to be carers. So there is plenty of anger, some frustration, a dash of irony, a whiff of cynicism, and even a frisson of revolution here and on most other cyber-places you might encounter. As well as plenty of fake saccharine sympathy, some dire humour, and maybe even some genuine empathy. But it isnt that easy to figure out who is coming from where: which means that real, face to face carers support groups still have a very important place for many of us. As for the forum, it is not a solution in itself, but it may have a part to play in the solution.
Scally, that's so true. In fact at the moment my life is so full of ups and downs and ins and outs that I'm never quite sure if I'm coming or going, ecstatic or just hysterical. But it is nearly 1am and I've just finished typing something really complicated which needed to be finished and polished, so I should sleep well. At least in the middle of the night no one rings me up.....unless it's the Lifeline call centre of course!
Spot on scally, but I think that all the while it has a part to play (even if not the main one) it does a good job for all its limitations
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