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So wotcha think about the New Members

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Does it really matter? My view would be that it would be there for those who want to use it, whenever they want to use it, regardless of how much it gets used. Image
Nope, doesn't matter a jot to me Gary, I just didn't know if adding an extra page would cause problems IT wise with available space or any of that malarkey - I am IT challenged.

I just think that it would be better to see that those who we are hoping to help give us their feedback on the ideas first..seems more sensible to me.

Only my humble opinion too Image
I think Holly can easily access advice & information relevant to her situation but her real need is friendship/chat with people in her age group to talk about things they are interested in.
Would it be possible for a forum to be set up for her needs Image
Over to you Charles Image
This is probably exactly what I need, the advice is already great just need a place to talk. It doesn't even have to be a whole section may be just an 18-30's topic in carer to carer or something. I guess it would be good to get a few more views from others my age
Holly, I hope something can be put in place for you Image
Thanks Image I appreciate everyone's help with trying to get something in place Image
I think that if you asked a member of the general public what they thought a carer was like, and doing, they would probably come up with a reply that a "carer" is probably someone who is fifty something caring for an aged parent, possibly taking early retirement. We know here that carers and carees come from all age groups, so I wonder if CUK has any statistics which could be relevant here, to inform this discussion. What are the statistics relating to the age of carers, and carees? i.e. 10% of carers are aged ...?
Could we do a straw poll of our age on here, a bit like the one asking what our relationship to our caree is? We could click on the age range - that way its all anonymous and we dont have to say our age - good for lurkers too
Statistically, the majority of carers are over 45. Relatively few are aged 18-30 and even fewer get identified, though I'm not sure why.

I'll flag this topic up for Matt as I know CUK are looking to develop the forum further.

Thanks everyone for your input - hope something can be done!

Something that could be looked at is (these are just "off the top of the head" ideas - if you have any, please add to the list):
  • having designated greeters for newbies?

    having "ambassadors" around specific topic issues who would make sure people get a response on those topics? (for example, a younger carer, a dementia carer, etc)?

    having someone - maybe a mod - send a welcome PM to someone encouraging them to make a follow up (or first) post if they haven't posted for a while?
Statistically, the majority of carers are over 45. Relatively few are aged 18-30 and even fewer get identified, though I'm not sure why.
Could be due to embarrassment of the situation or denial, I have a 20 year old sister who tells no one of the situation at home. She won't discuss it with anyone, prefers to pretend it's not happening so may be some just don't want to come out and say they care for someone day in day out
As somebody who used to post but now merely browses occasionally to see if anything new has come up I would like to say that, as others have pointed out, most new members ask for advice and when that has been given (usually how to get help, financial or practical, how to deal with feelings of guilt, stress, frustration and exhaustion) they do not feel the need to become regular contributors. There are wonderful people on the forums and after a while I was only too aware that there are those with much, much more to cope with than I have - for some this meeting place online is a comfort and an outlet for their troubles and their joys, and they make valuable contributions.
As to whether it is in any way cliquish, I would say that when I regularly followed the various topics I found some of the intolerance by the old guard towards others with out-of-the-ordinary ideas disturbing. In particular I felt the parody of one member's posts in grammatical and subject terms by two people sharpening their wits at his expense rather distasteful, and I wondered how he felt, as possibly one isolated through caring and hoping for companionship online. To a new member that would be off-putting in itself. And I do agree with those who say that new members should not be bombarded with all the details of other members' situations - possibly if appropriate a PM to say one has the same problem and would be happy to help in PM's if wanted
As the same problems come up time and time again there is bound to be a lot of repetition but to have those who have managed to extract the last penny available from their local authority put a message across each time that conveys the idea that it is ignorance or stupidity that prevents everyone from doing the same thing is highly aggravating. In my own circumstances when living on the mainland there was absolutely no help available, but at our new address the local authority are very helpful and generous with exactly the same amount of information provided and assistance
asked for. Definitely no ,one size fits all, situations here.
I dip in and out and read the posts and it reminds me, i am not alone, although life is lonely. sometimes , just being part the page , is less overwhelming ..... Image
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