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So wotcha think about the New Members - Carers UK Forum

So wotcha think about the New Members

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You hain't skeered me off yet! Lol
give it time... Image

I'll be hanging around, I promise, just might not have anything to say or the hadron particles of energy left to say it Image
Ditto! Image

I have to ask though....
What prompted this post?

From what I've seen, new members are joining all the time and most of them stay.
The forum seems pretty active. Not too active yet not too inactive. Just how I like it.
Forums which get hyperactive are ruddy hard to keep up with.
These are forums I tend to avoid, together with forums run by Little Hitlers.

We have to remember that carers are busy people. Hopefully, any quiet new members will be back. Soon.
We also have a lot of members who rarely post but do drop in from time to time to keep up.
I was thinking about that the other day Audrey. What happens to those people who post yet don't seem to make it across to the other boards
Some of you may think the Forum is a safe place.......Ha,Ha,Ha.......be afraid,be very afraid.
Noooooooooooooo! He's just a cutie.
I see what you mean, Mrs A. I've just had a scroll down the new members section and a lot of the names never come up again in any other section. I don't know why, they seem to post in New Members, then don't post any more. Isn't that the point of joining us? We're such a supportive, but fun lot, it seems a shame.
Maybe its just not their cup of tea? I must have "joined" hundreds of websites just to get one bit of information , but not to post, its the way the forum thing works. Many of them will be getting support from condition-specific forums and sites.
i like a general carers forum because it's not just blinkered towards alzheimers and i welcome opinions from people in different but similiar situations from me,i've browsed the az society forum and prefer being here because of it's diversity.
I like this forum as it's a 'one size fits all' type, - OH has 4 different things going on, I think I would get confused using 4 different forums!! Image

As for the new members, maybe some are just shy, or just getting the feel of it?
101 posts