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4th December - Carers UK Forum

4th December

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Hi there
I have read on another carers site that there is to be a lobbying of MPs in London on 4th December 2008. We are able to contact our own MPs and able to ask them about the carers plight. My local MP is Bob Marshall Andrews who is not interested in replying to letters or e mails or indeed having anything to do with things that are important to a large sector of the public. Who from the carers organisations will actually speak to the MPs, Image or theirspokespersons ? Take Care Alison
Hi Alison

Carers UK staff have regualr contact with a large number of MP's but on this day it's about getting carers to take the message in person. I'm sorry you feel your MP will not be interested, but I would urge you to write to him anyway. Perhaps one of his staff might be able to meet you or may reply, even if he won't?

So hard to know what to say in this situation, as you no doubt know better than me, what sort of a response you'll get. But I would still urge you to write. Perhaps if you did write & request a meeting and get turned down, you could then write to your local paper and say MP ignores carers?

Anyone else got any advice on how tactics if your MP turns a blind eye to carers?

Hi Alison

How about ringing Bob Marshall -Andrews office and finding out when his next surgery is?

If you still don't get a response then i would write to the local papers as Matt suggests...you can ask the editor to withold your name and address if you don't want it printed in the paper.

best wishes

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Thank you for your support and help. We have already been in touch with the papers and had a piece put in and it did no good whatsoever. Anyway we will try again. Thanks again Take Care Alison Image