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Neighbours father was rushed into hospital a week ago, She asked social services if they could provide someone to put her into bed, they said the last daily visit from her paid carers will put her into bed at 7.30 pm. She asked if they could send someone around later and the said no. I know for a fact she slept in her wheelchair one night because she did not want to bother her neighbour's.

Even though her father is her main carer they have provided no extra help and it has being left to neighbour's to feed her and put her into bed and keep her company.

The bad news is he will not be coming out of hospital so god knows what's going to happing
Thats really awful! Image
That is terrible Image
What area are you from Kev,which council supplies her care package?
We are in suffolk
You never said the ages of your neighbours Kev but if elderly is there someone who can act on their behalf?

Age Concern may be able to help.....

Age Concern Suffolk
County Office
8 Northgate Street
Tel: 01473 257039
Fax: 01473 287955
Email: office@ageconcernsuffolk.org.uk

Also............... Suffolk Carers (PRTC)
Unit 8 Hill View Business Park
Old Ipswich Road


The carers group may be able to advise if an advocacy service in your area that can handle this for them.
Not only does the lady need cared for but the gentleman should have no added stress.He also has the option of contacting the hospital social worker to see if they can help.

Keep us informed please.

x x
She is 47 also social services have agreed to sending someone out at 8.00 o'clock, if she wants anyone to come out later she will have to pay herself.

Her meals on wheels were cancelled due to the Xmas holiday and do not start again until next week she does have family but I am not going to say any more about them.

Me and my wife took her over to see her dad yesterday we are fortunate in having a wheelchair accessible car if we had not she would not have seen her dad, He his not expected to last the night.

She has had no visits from social service only phone contact and has being told she will be re-assessed next week.

The fact that she his knowing by social services who provide paid carers 3 times a day (in and out job) Provided due to her fathers Health ( he his 76 ) surly they should have had a emergency plan in place in case something like this happened or is that to obvious.
You're right, Kev. There should have been an emergency plan in place. It's not a legal requirement but it is recommended practice - and should be an automatic part of a carers assessment. This should have been foreseen and prepared for. That's why social services are there.
This should have been foreseen and prepared for. That's why social services are there.
I would like to know were they are because they are not here Image
Obviously there is a confidentiality here wherein you wont be able to tell us too much about your neighbours full circumstances.

As well as the contact details I gave above, maybe your neighbours GP can help.Its not right though that likes of yourselves should have to do this for her.She needs represented properly such as an advocate especially if her dad is as ill because this may be the start of a long road.
If there are family issues too,she needs her future protected.

If you have any grave concerns,Soc Services will have an emergency team.

I am disgusted that this is happening but to be honest not surprised.