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Sloppy Carers

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My mum gets funded by local authority and the rate they pay is £13.80 and the carer then gets i think £8 to £8.50 from that. I always thought it was due to this pay rate they have been so bad. I always thought if i could have afforded to pay for her care it would be miles better.

I do however very much relate to your situation Alan, it has been 3 years and so much of my time resolving constant carer issues its draining. I totally get that you feel vulnerable not to lose the care but if the agency can detect that they will walk all over you so its up to you to set things straight. In your situation i would have a meeting with the agency and reference what the carer has said to the cctv, for say a week, basically you need statistics to prove your point. As far as I'm aware by law you pay for the work done, please anyone correct if i am wrong, so you must install a cctv camera or as you said ring outside and make a daily log of the times. Then tell the agency every month you will pay for the time completed. When it hits their pockets that's sadly only when they do something about it. Regarding the toilet situation you really do I'm afraid have to keep asking for a new carer until you find one that listens. Its such a hard thing to do though, when i have found one who agrees to everything asked, they suddenly have all these personal issues days into the job and start requesting all sorts of changes to suit them, as they know they are good at their jobs to ask for it... as if a vulnerable person's life is something to play these sort of games upon. I'm knackered.
If i think of anything more to help you i will let you know, but they will always choose to get away with things if you don't formally report it and always do so in writing. Good luck.
You have every right to stop payment, you provide proof mention court to them then see them act
Good luck to you x
My Sister works in benefits and tells me a Ring Doorbell timing is taken as FACT in a Court of Law...

Mums care agency seem to fix one thing, then break something else. As they take on more clients so my Mums care gets worse. The carers turned up at 18:45 which is early for Mums bedtime. Poor Mum refused to co-operate and said it was to early, the carers said they were on time.

Tomorrow the opposite will happen, they are due at 19:15 so Mum will be wondering where they are....