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Dementia/general age realted confusion etc - Carers UK Forum

Dementia/general age realted confusion etc

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Not sure if this is the right area to post in, so apologies if not... x

Can I just ask opinions and advice please? My fella's 94 year old gran has come to live with us a week ago after pneumonia and a stroke. She was very confused in hospital and couldn't tell the diff between dreams and reality. We put it partly down to the stroke and meds, but on coming out (and I know she is still poorly, getting over the stroke and on a few meds) but she still has very confused times. She is worse when she is tired.

We are wondering whether this will continue from the stroke, and will be the norm for some time or perm. but also wondered if there are key signs of dementia or other related mental problems that could be blame other than just the stroke and meds etc?

I know its a difficult one to ask cause everyone is different, but just thought I would ask about other people's experiences?

As I said, we are putting the bad and vivid dreams down to meds and the fact that she is still poorly, and just wondered if this is the case for the daytime confusion too?

I am going to do a bit of research on the net too, but appreciate actual experiences etc.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the rambling.
Hi darkside,
Everybody who has had a stroke gets different symptoms, depending on which bit of the brain is affected, so its really difficult to make generalisations and somebody elses experience may not be the same as yours. The only people who can really explain her problems are her doctors and therapists. Does she have any more appointments coming up? If so, go with her and ask questions. Dont be afraid to ask. Although doctors cant answer questions if shes not there, because of confidentiality, if you and your partner go with her and are in the same room it will be assumed that she has given permission for you to know.
Crocus is quite right. If you go with her for the appointments you can go in with her and ask questions, so make a list and ask! Image