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Six Year Battle Victory! - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Six Year Battle Victory!

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That sounds like a good idea, I don't really understand enough about the intricacies of the site. Will get in touch with the mods. Thankyou.

I've put it in General Discussion because the implications of this situation have a potential for affecting a wider group than solely people with Learning Disabilities: such as people with dementia, mental ill health, etc., where mental capacity is an issue.

I am sure your input will make a huge difference to good practice across the country for the future well being of clients monies. This has long been a bone of contention with me in care homes where a number of purses were used for clients weekly cash and notes kept on slips of paper.

Hope you are refreshed from your break Bowlingbun and ready to take on the next challenge. If fraud is detected I am sure proscecutions will follow, as that would be the right thing to do.

Take care
Further update - went to the County HQ last week, met with the lead SW and the County's head auditor, plus assistant. All very pleasant and good natured. The care agency had been asked to redo my son's money sheets, this time done by one of the accounts staff, rather than the support workers. Would you believe it, they were STILL being completed incorrectly!! As soon as I showed the auditors what the problem was, they immediately understood. They are now going through all the weekly record sheets, and will ensure that in future the care agency write them up in accordance with standard accounting practice. Staff couldn't understand how to make the balance on the statement agree with their records, because sometimes purchases would show up a few days later.
Kind of makes you wonder how they balance their own accounts....
My long running saga is not over yet. I've lost count of the meetings I've had this year.
An internal review has been held by the county council, to identify the lessons they need to learn from my experiences. Today I was told the results. Every single thing I said has now been accepted as true, and actions of their own staff and their treatment of me has been criticised. One particular member of staff is lucky to have retired before the report was written!
Whilst it has been agreed that things will change, there have been a number of stubborn individuals in the care agency who have, shall we say, been resistant to change. At the latest meeting today, they have been told that they must improve or the county council may decide not to use them any more. At long last, the care providers new quality control manager has agreed to sit down with me, agree exactly how the records will be written, and then train staff accordingly.
I asked the Ombudsman to delay his report until the county's internal review was completed, but he refused, and said there was no case to answer. Armed with the internal review document, I shall now refer the case back to the Ombudsman's office, asking for a reconsideration.
My eldest son and I are both looking forward to the day I can get back to making cakes rather than making waves.
Well done for all you have achieved.
Sometimes a situation is so poor its hard to believe that someone hasnt raised the issue with the powers that be. All it needs is one small voice!
Well done Bowlingbun. You are truly an inspiration.xx