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Six Year Battle Victory! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Six Year Battle Victory!

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I had hoped after my last meeting that everything was sorted, but now the "Lead Manager" has told me he's basically going to leave it up to the local staff, whose inability to resolve the issue led to the formal complaint in the first place. Prior to an earlier meeting on Feb 22nd I told SSD that if it wasn't all sorted by April 1st I was going to give the story to a journalist. After a number of emails and phone calls were ignored, I spoke to the Complaints Officer, saying that "The Clock is Ticking.." If he couldn't arrange an emergency meeting this week, I would be taking action. Excuses about diaries followed, which I told him I wasn't interested in. They knew that there were problems, I've been complaining about money issues for 6 years, and they'd never acted. Now he is going to arrange a meeting either Wednesday or Friday this week. It's going to be interesting!
Yesterday was was interesting. An email from the Lead Manager - he was summoning the care agency manager to a meeting with him. I told him exactly what I wanted, a correctly completed sample sheet to be followed at all times in the future - it arrived by email later in the day. An email from the Complaints Manager - arranging a meeting for this afternoon, with the Lead Manager. Apparently they had both "cleared their diaries" to meet me whenever was convenient from me. An email from the Leader of the County Council saying that he was now investigating. Clearly, the threat of going to a journalist worked where all else has failed. I was so pleased with these developments that I opened a small bottle of wine and drank it all (probably my first since Christmas). I then went to bed and was asleep by 9pm. I seldom sleep well, so that was lovely too.
I have been trying for six years to ensure that my son with LD gets proper support to spend his money wisely, and to make sure it is all being handled in accordance with the requirements of the CQC. It has been an enormous battle, but today I have a letter to say that my struggle is over. Hampshire County Council have sent me a formal letter of apology, saying that it is now going to introduce the Association for Real Change's procedures, laid out in "My Money Matters", across the county. Although it is Department of Health Best Practice, there wasn't one copy in the entire county when I started complaining - I had to lend my copy to the Area Manager. My son's accounts are going to be formally audited by HCC, just to make sure that everything is ow in order, and I've been invited to Winchester, all expenses paid, to work with them. Sometimes we get weary of struggling, so I just wanted to share my good news with anyone else who is also fighting their own battle at the moment, to say it CAN be done.
well done.

x x
Nice one. A palpable hit.
well done, glad you got it sorted Image
Congratulations.Now all you have to do is get everyone to comply.Sometimes it seems like every step is a battle,but you have shown that it is always worth the fight.Again,congratulations. Image Image Image
Well done for fighting on to the bitter end.

Take care
Well done Image
Well done to you, on behalf of your son and all the other vulnerable adults who will benefit from your persistance.