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hi i asked a local homecare provider if they would do a nighttime sit in service so i could maybe go out for a meal for instance.from 7pm to 10pm and the response was ,if your mum has an alarm to press ,you should be ok to go out without a sit in service.is this the general feeling of homecare services around the country? i am in leicestershire. regards jane.
Hi Jane,
Definitely not , doesn't sound like a very good home care agency, I would never leave my husband and mum with just a buzzer, you need to ring around agencies I'm sure you will find one who can help
Best wishes
Lacey May
Much depends on your mother's situation, medical and mental condition. How comfortable is she being left alone? My mother , 95, is bed or chair bound. Health wise she is relatively stable. I do go out shopping and occasionally for a meal with my neighbours. Her carer visits are arranged through the council. I am not about to stay with mum all the time. She does have an emergency button that she could use in an emergency. Mum doesn't like me to be gone for long but her health is such that she doesn't need someone there all the time.

When I needed to stay in hospital, the care agency did send someone to spend the night whilst I was away.

It really does depend on your mother's situation.
Hi Jane, welcome to the forum.
Can you tell us a bit more about mum, age, disability ?
hiya,mum is 85 and is chair or bedbound.waiting for scan after having memory tests.she is usually asleep by 7 or 8pm.she doesnt like to be on her own anytime but if she is asleep she is none the wiser.altough there is always that chance she may wake and need assistance for commode if she is having a bad night.regards jane.
Definitely ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment for mum, and a Carers Assessment for you.
If mum has under £23,000, her care will be either subsidised or free. Do you feel the time is fast approaching when mum might need residential care, or are you relatively happy to continue caring? She is probably entitled to Attendance Allowance, and if some form of dementia is diagnosed, she will be exempt from Council Tax.