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Sinking without trace...

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Ladybird, yes my husband is still under the care of a cardiologist and we did have a very detailed report from his surgeon , also doctors reports we had a letter from our disabled neighbour who allows my husband to use her disabled facilities as he cannot get into the bath without me helping him, the reason he uses her facilities is because i have oesteoporosis and asthma and i am frightened if i fall i will not be able to care for him at all, so its for safety reasons as well as the fact he finds it difficult to lift his legs into the bath,,we dont have a walk in shower, at the tribunal we could only discuss from when we claimed , that was from aug to oct, my husband has other symptoms since making the original claim.i just got the feeling that the panel made their decision based on the cutbacks,,oh my husband fell in the lift at the courts, when we got to the court we had to walk about 80 ft to the reception, i had asked for a wheelchair but was told i would have to buy one and the DWP would concider reembursing us.my husband was so out of breath and exhausted he fell.
Words fail me..unbelievable Image

I so hope that there is a turn around in your situation, you can be sure of brilliant advice from the other members of the forum here.

Don't give up (((hugs)))
at the tribunal we could only discuss from when we claimed , that was from aug to oct, my husband has other symptoms since making the original claim.
Your husband needs to put in a new claim, it is correct that the tribunal can only look at your husband's care and mobility needs at the time of the original claim and decision, it is the decision itself which is being appealed not how his condition now effects him and the resultant care and mobility needs, but his condition has deteriorated so he can now claim again based on his current care and mobility needs. Please get advice when completing the form and send all the supporting evidence: consultant, physio, OT, etc. reports, with the form to try and avoid another negative decision, remember it is not the diagnosis which leads to the award but the effect of the diagnosed condition on your husband's ability to care for himself, including any need for supervision and prompting, etc., and to mobilise.
Just wanted to tell you all - there is hope !!! Our benefits have been re-instated Image After many many phonecalls updating the DWP on Hubbys condition - which has not suprisingly deteriorated - he got a letter to say the 'reconsideration process' decided to re-instate and back date all his benefits. But - of course theres a but - we were a week to late to re-start my carers allowance so I have had to fill in a very basic form and they will backdate that too, although I guess they will simply deduct it as I got ESA for that period. What still baffles me is, I was not expected to sign on or find a job???? they were quite happy for me to care for free. This government is cruel and the treatment of so many of us is just wrong. It will take us a long time to get back to where we were existing before but I am still very nervous and have created a crisis fund for us to fall back on.

The toll on Hubby however is terrible and we start with more hospital treatment on Thursday. I broke down in the Gp's surgery recently and now, at last, she is helping.

I just hope anyone else who finds themselves in this situation will have the strength to fight and stand by their rights. I am going to see my MP asap anyway and see where he stands on disability and carers rights - he was my next port of call anyway if things hadn't gone our way. Many thanks to all those who supported me here. hugs ginny
Ginny, well done. I think it's a great idea to talk to your MP so he understands the impact of getting it wrong.

The current attitude of the government seems to be that a few innocents losing out is acceptable in order to clear out the fraud. But the damage that does is disgusting.
Well done Ginny Image
And well said Charles.
hi everyone,

my husband has yet another tribunal in november, this time it is for ESA,it has taken 15 months for this tribunal and my husbands coronary heart disese has deteriorated,at his first tribunal in june he found it difficult to answer any questions that were put to him by the panel because he has memory loss, his consultant has told us his condition has deteriorated and his memory is even worse,i am dreading the tribunal as yet again because he is unable to answer the questions the panel will not be able to pidgeon hole him.i have called social services in and they say he needs carers twice a day and a wheel chair,they are going to write to the DWP ,the tribunal is really worrying me. how can someone have a fair hearing if they can't remember?our solicitor is useless and the panel will not let me speak for him.we are now facing a repossession order on our home.can anyone help please?
Alicia, you are under enormous strain fighting all of this on top of caring.

Is it possible for your husband to take an advocate to the tribunal to speak on his behalf?
Is your husband's evidence up to date? Are his medical reports recent and do they reflect his recent deterioration?

I think you need to contact the carer's uk helpline for advice asap and Citizen's advice as well.

I don't know what else to say ... so am sending you (((hugs))) across cyber space.

thanks melly, yes we have a report from his consultant that says his coronary heart disease has deteriorated,and that his condition is life threatening,i am trying to find out if maybe social services could represent him at the tribunal, thanks for your help, i will keep in touch,,,hugs
i think melly's suggestion of an advocate to speak for your husband is an excellant one. how you go about getting one, i am afraid i have no idea. however, i am sure somebody on this forum will know. maybe evan a family member who could be thoroughly up to date with your husbands condition, or as you said s.s. but make sure they are on your husbands side. good luck with that one, you should not have to live with all this worry. xx